Warrington Guardian Awards Final Presentations


The second project brief involves the design and manufacture of a three dimensional trophy. This project involves the role of a real life client (that will be meeting with you at the beginning of January). The client is linked with the Warrington Guardian Business Awards that are held annually in the month of July. The Art and Design department has successfully won the rights to produce the winning trophies that are to be awarded to the successful companies. The trophies are awarded to companies who have achieved a level of excellence in their nominated category. The category's are to be made clear during the initial meeting with the client, where the project can be discussed in more detail.


Warrington Guardian Awards Prototype Phase





The first project brief of the year involves the design and manufacture of a three dimensional light. The project will require you to produce an A3 folder of design work which follows the design process and unit 2 assessment criteria, taking the brief through to a professionally manufactured working product. The aesthetic outcome of the light can be a sculptural product that emphasizes the use of materials and techniques influenced by a design movement. You must also consider your selected design to be manufactured using batch production methods, this will include the manufacture and use of jigs and templates and the researching relevant batch production methods in your folder. All the evidence must be displayed in your coursework folder. The A3 folder will consist of approximately 30 to 40 sheets minimum of high quality work.