Fashion Direction Fine Art Direction Design Direction Year 1


Course Work 2012-13


Karis paints for charity

Karis Brown a second year on the Extended Diploma in Art and Design recently completed a painting project as part of her course. She was rewarded by gaining the Department Superstar award for her hard work and committment. Karis was found painting away early every morning and late evenings completing her work.
The largescale piece measuring 4' x 8' or 122cm x 144cm was inspired by graffiti artists and based on research into different aspects of family life.

On completion of the work it is being donated to Risley prison to hang in their family reception area waiting room and is intended to brighten up the refurbished environment.

The charity Partners of prisoners have organised the work with the College.


Artwork by Julia Wojkowiak

Artwork by Emilio Dean Lisboa


Course Work 2011-12


Artwork by Amy Abbott


Artwork by Amy Abbott


Artwork by Amy Abbott

Artwork by Amy Abbott


Artwork by Amy Abbott


Artwork by Amy Abbott


Artwork by Amy Abbott


Artwork by Amy Abbott



Course Work


Inspired by the work of Francis Bacon, these two images were created by Karl Chester to develop his understanding of painting media.


Painting below left: Sam Baumber, painting of Great Grandfather. Creating layered paint effects to create a surface representing history.

Painting below right: Eleanor Monks, imagery which references children's activity books with very subversive content.


Below are 2 drawings by Georgina Mitchell based on Natural Forms which are focused on formal elements on a large, ambitious scale.


Pastiche 02/10/10


You will produce a 'pastiche' of an image you have researched, relevant to your theme. The purpose of this is to understand the processes the artist used when making the work. It is an opportunity to develop your painting skills in direct comparison to an existing piece of work. You should select a piece of work that is achievable, yet challenging. You will photograph the work as you progress and highlight the painting techniques that you have used in your sketchbook.

You will produce a 'homage'. The purpose of this is to combine the painting techniques, compositional devices, colour scheme and subject matter that your chosen artist uses with your own initial resources to produce a more personal outcome. You will need to document the process in your sketchbook.

Above Raphael Panis and Georgina Mitchell

Below Pastiche and Homage by Sam Baumber


Below Max West in response to Jean Michel Basquiat using his own subject matter