Summer Show 2015


John Dean - Perpetual Velocity

In my project proposal I stated that I would be creating a game for my final major project, with a good proposal will come a good game by the end of it. Instead of creating a game that my project proposal stated I would create I have produced an animation to show the different aspects to my concept that, if I ever produced one, would be put into the concept game. I mentioned in my proposal that I would create a grungy sci-fi setting in which the concept vehicles I will create can travel around at very high speeds. I believe that I have complete what I set out to do in this respect very well as the ships I have used are racing around a gungy sci-fi setting, although animated instead of being able to race around. I wanted to show as much of the game off as possible in the animation I have created and I feel that I have achieved this with a great success due to the amount of time I got to animate with. I was able to create such intricate detail with the time I had and I am so happy with the results and of the pieces that I have created to go along side this document. My proposal talks about many different features that I wanted to add into the game concept that I had achieve, and with some messing around when animating I got where I wanted to be with the animation tying in with the proposal well. I feel I did well to add in little features that would not always get a mention when they are played through an animation but I felt to really show off my game there had to be an element of everything that could possibly change the idea of how the racers did their battle on the track and how it differs from other sci-fi racing game, such as Wipeout, showing the use of the police in the



vehicles chasing the main character added the difference straight away and this added a new perspective to the game and a new outcome and different game modes that could be played using the Police and Main Vehicles. I also showed the ability to drop the items in game, which makes this game a heavy arcade racing game which is what I wanted to achieve. This also worked well with the word that I had chosen, Equipped, to look at, at the very start of the project. Then the other aspect of the words I chose, Evolve, has also been shown in the short animation I created. With the ability to fly over obstacles with just the push of a pad on the track shows that the vehicles in the game can evolve to their own form if need be, but can only achieve this with the sudden change in setting. 

I feel the animation side of this project went well without many hitches which were good due to the time scale I gave myself to animate something that should have taken about a week. This was due to some poor time planning that I did not get to test some of the rigs that I made a bit more and some were an on the day job but in the end I feel that the piece that I created is something that I can be proud of and nothing ever goes as exactly as planned when working with technology so for something to come out as closely as I had imagined it is a definite plus for me. ­­­Everything about this project I feel has gone well for me and looking at the proposal I created at the very start of the project I am so glad that everything went according to plan and nothing fell away from the original plan that I had to create a new futuristic racing game.
If I had more time I would spend it polishing what I already have animated to ensure that everything about the frames works well and I would also like to go through and finish the animation using different editing software to help me achieve this. This time is not needed though as the animation was ready for use on the day it needed to be handed in. With added time I would also add some more effects to the roads and other effects to other assets, this will just make it feel like the animation was a little more finished that it was when it needed to be handed in.

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Kira Burniston - Little Step

Whilst the final game concept, narrative and visuals have very little connection with my original themes (control and heraldic), Little Step did originate from ideas centring around these key words, and in some aspects still ties in with them; for example, control appears as the main antagonist in Little Step’s story: the U.S. Military. The military forces Little Step’s tribe off their land, and their pursuit afterwards all controls the tribe’s movement and lives. The word heraldic I took in this case to mean a message - as heralds are messengers - so heraldic very loosely relates to Little Step’s flashbacks which give him snatches of images and information to help piece the holes in his memory back together.

I undertook a large amount of research for Little Step, since I had decided to base it on historical events and wanted it to have an accurate presentation of culture and history from the American Frontier and particularly from the Cheyenne and Sioux Plains Indian Tribes.  When writing my project proposal, I had already begun some of my research, reading into events such as the Massacre at Wounded Knee as documented in Dee Brown’s books ‘Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee’ and ‘The American West’. From this I had decided to take heavy influence from the battle at Wounded Knee for my game concept and narrative, but after further reading decided that the events leading up to the Massacre at Wounded Knee were complicated, unclear, and weren’t as easy to create a solid plot from because of this. Instead, my research led me to events such as the Trail of Tears and the Sand Creek Massacre, the latter of which I took the most influence from and based my game concept around.

As in my project proposal, I experimented with a variety of techniques and processes to decide on the best visual style for my work. I looked into 3D modelling software like Modo, Sculptris and Blender, eventually deciding to just use 3DS Max as I was more familiar with it, could create a model quicker because of this, and it was much simpler to attach separate objects together, add more objects in and manipulate polygons etc. in order to create a human shape. Since my main pathway is games art, I knew that I wanted to spend most of my time on the art side of this project, so time efficiency when it came to modelling was very important to me.
I researched a number of artists, mainly James Ayers, Kirby Sattler and Christine Y. Chong, to develop my visuals to look rougher and more traditional, but experimented with bolder colouring styles and exaggerated ways of drawing, such as with Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap’s stylised way of drawing people, to make sure I was happy with the style I was going to use.

Overall I think I stuck to my project proposal quite well, but should have self evaluated the project more thoroughly in order to produce better outcomes. I completed a lot of research which was very helpful to me, and has resulted in a more realistic narrative and game concept, but I think I should have focused more on my outcomes such as the comic, visuals and modelling than the research which took up more of my time than I thought it would.

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Jack Everett - The Lonely Corpse

My game is called The Lonely Corpse. I came up with this idea while brain storming my two starting points which were ASSEMBLE and TRAPPED. The game is about a character called Joe who is trapped in a grave yard and has wants to escape on Halloween because he is lonely on his own in the graveyard and Halloween is the only night where he will be able to get out without anyone noticing him. To do this you must raise some more undead from their graves to help you escape. I think that this is a very unique concept as I have never seen anything like this in games or any other media. I wanted to keep the concept of the game quite fun and playful and I think that I achieved this goal when creating the game concept.

I aimed to produce multiple outcomes. The first was a narrative about Joe. I accomplished this although it was brief, the narrative is on the character concept sheet that I created for Joe which is one of my exhibition pieces. The second was to design and create the character of Joe and possibly some of the other characters that would feature in the game. I achieved this in my project as I successfully designed and created the character of Joe and I did design the other characters. The third outcome I aimed to produce was a level that the main character (Joe) would feature in. I completed this and it is to a high standard. The level looks like the character would belong there which is something that I was worried I would struggle to accomplish because I have never had to make a character to fit in with an environment before. I think that this went well overall and was a success. The fourth and final outcome that I said that I was going to create was a Game Design document containing all of the various different information about my game. I created this to a high standard and it contained all of the information about my Game Concept. It will be displayed at exhibition with my other outcomes and it has been made with the same font and colours to establish a clear and consistent house style.



When designing and creating all of the different outcomes for my project I had to make sure that the artist and the games that I researched and used to create my own art style was consistent and clear throughout. This was probably the most difficult thing about the project actually because it means that everything has to be planned out and thought through because if it doesn't look like it fits in then it has no use. However that being said, I do thing that it is also one of the strongest things about my project. I think that the fact that everything works well together and fits in is a strong feature that my game possesses.  Although everything has to be planned out and thought through I think that it has made my game concept much better.

I aimed to use an engine to run the level that I created on. This didn't go to plan and the engine that I was hoping to use was unavailable to me. I looked into using a different engine however I was unhappy with what I read and so I decided that I would not use an engine at all and that I would just keep the level that I had created in 3Ds Max. By doing this I probably saved myself a lot of hassle and my level still looks very good. The only issue with this is that I cannot have my character walking around the level. Although I did not meet this area of the proposal I feel that the work that I have made is possibly better than the work that I would have, had I put it into a game engine. I did use new and professional software to create my character. The software was called Zbrush and it basically allows you to model with virtual clay in a sense. This was a huge learning curve for me as I have never used the program and I have only ever used clay in real life once. That being said I do think that the character that have created is well made and to a high standard. I think that I have achieved my target of creating a high quality model and I think that my skills have improved a lot over the course of this project.


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Beth Worthington - My cat is an Asshole

For my FMP I created a working game, I am able to play it without any major game breaking bugs. It also has a working score counter although I didn’t get around to creating a menu system for it. I also created concept art for my game too of the café owner, Blake Bengal, it wasn’t used as a print but rather inside the concept documents. I like the prints that I created for the exhibition regardless of them not being concept art – although arguably it could be classified as concept art.

My first main artist influences were J.C. Leyendecker, Dean Cornwell, and Norman Rockwell. These influences changed during the progression of my game, the only one out of the first artists which I still took influence from was J.C. Leyendecker. The new influence I took on was Edward Hopper, which is what my main painting style for the game was based on. I felt as though Edward’s painting had more colour and life within them then Leyendecker’s art did. I also had dropped the slightly exaggerative style I originally went for as I felt like it wasn’t  working as I wanted it to work, and that it wasn’t anything justice. The games I had looked at as influences were Team Fortress 2 and Surgeon Simulator – both are in between low and high poly, and have a nice, “cartoony” feel to them. I had looked at Team Fortress mostly for the style of the game and how it was mid-poly and with hints of exaggeration and caricature. Whereas when I looked at Surgeon simulator, it was mostly for the tricky and awkward controls which makes the game much harder yet much more interesting and fun. I was going to apply similar awkward controls to add some difficulty and an edge to the game.

I think that I stuck with the two game influences to the best of my abilities, and had adapted the mid-poly style which both games have. Although I did drop the exaggerative style for reasons I have stated above. The controls were not as awkward as I had originally planned for, but I am happy with how they are now. I feel like I have stuck to my project proposal as much as I could, and I am proud at the amount of work I have done within this course. I am also happy with the work I have created within this unit – I feel like this is one of the best projects that I have done this year. And I am really happy that all the influences I have can be seen within my work.

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Daniel Derbyshire - Caveman Chef

Looking back at my project proposal I have stuck to it really well. I said what art style I set out to do and how my game would play and I think I have achieved that. Although my game isn’t perfect I feel like I have really outdone myself with the coding side of the game. I have reached new levels and gone further than I ever thought I would with this game and I am happy about that.
I planned to use Unity for the game and Blender for the models in which I was a bit sceptical about as I had never used Blender before. When first starting off I had to test out a few models to get used to some of the tools and some of the hotkeys. This became a lot easier after a while and I found that Blender isn’t really that hard to use and it has a lot of tools that really help with the low poly art style, which sped up my work flow massively.
When creating my models I came across countless errors which I found quite hard to fix as I had never used the software before. This did annoy me as I had to look for a fix over the internet, although the errors weren’t actually that hard to fix. I created all of my models within a couple of days as they were very low poly and didn’t require any major detail. The only thing that required a lot of time and concentration was the shaping of the mountains and rocks in my environment.
I didn’t really have any trouble with Unity at all. The only problem was trying to get my character to perform a loop when he was walking so that he would stop when the players stops walking forward. This took a while to fix but I got it in the end with a few simple tweaks to some of the animation settings. I was actually surprised at how easily I did the coding in Unity, I am really pleased with some of the things I have gotten to work by myself without any help this time around.

Overall I am really happy with the way Caveman Chef turned out and I have surprised myself with some of the things I have done. If I could improve anything in my work I would add more to my environment to make it more built up, also I would add more to the code to make my game have some better features.



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Declan Metcalf - Plate Defenders

My  Concept Idea is called ‘All Germs Must Die’, The idea has been influenced by my two chosen words ‘Control’ and ‘Evolve’. The idea for ‘All Germs Must Die’ is you have to defend the clean and germ free plate that is centred at the far end of the breakfast bar by using your Anti-Germ tower products. It’s your job as the commander to defend the plate at all costs using your Anti-Germ tower defences. I ended my project creating gameplay for plate defenders but didn’t create the game as a working game. The connection between my chosen words and concept is the idea that the germs that are attacking the plate can evolve and become much stronger germs so that they have more of a chance to reach the plate while you as the commander have to take control of the situation and stop the threat that is presented. I managed to visually show how the germs evolve and how the turrets have to defend and control the situation. I however didn’t manage to create the germs to evolve and the turrets to shoot properly but I managed to visualise it to look like they both are in the gameplay.

The structure of the game, you will play as a commander that places down tower defences to stop the oncoming germs attacking which will evolve into much stronger germs wave by wave. The game will be birds eye view, you will have to funnel the germs down different paths of using



barricades/blockades. Your objective is to stop the germs and defend the plate at all costs, if the germs reach the plate it will damage your health, when your health is gone and the plate is crawling with germs its game over. The structure that I created for my game was to my satisfaction. I am pleased with the end result of my game structure. If I would build my structure again I would make it branch out more to make sure I included everything that I have set out to done and not just the fundamental basics of the game. The setting of the game will be in a kitchen on top of a breakfast bar island, the paths in which the germs will follow are going to be created by every day kitchen objects. E.g. a fork and a knife will be placed around the playable area to block the germs. Although these ordinary items are around the map it’s your choice which path the germs follow by blocking these paths with your barricades. You can even create your own path for the germs to follow and the everyday kitchen items will just be obstacles in the playable area.

Overall I have managed to create my game in a gameplay format so that I can still show how the game would look in gameplay and how everything will move around combat with each other. I am happy with the visual style, the way I have manipulated my idea so that it is built and played for a mobile phone I found really effective in which the way I actually made the game to be played for a mobile devices. If I would do the project again I would make sure to keep to the coding deadlines so that plate defenders would be fully functional to play and not just watch gameplay.

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Emily Brown - Concrete Jungle

I have decided to name my game “No Man’s Land”. I am looking at the idea of mixing two of the genres that we were given and this was horror and historical. For horror I thought towards using human form and for the historical I decided to go for World War One. For this project I am working towards creating a 3D model of a creature or human form.

I wanted to create a game based on an evolved hidden tribe that have been discovered and are taken to a city and have to survive. I also wanted to create character models which by the end of the project I designed and created 2 characters using Photoshop, traditional techniques such as painting and Illustrator which I haven’t used much so it was a new experience for me. I also created a working level for my game which was a 2D side scrolling platformer which is based in London, the level includes obstacles which fit to the different characters and their special skills that they got from evolving.



I started the project by researching Avatar, it was an influence of my character designs however as I got later into the project I didn’t really focus on Avatar and instead looked at App games and other artists such as Helen Huang, which influenced my overall art style which I changed to vector art to fit my game more. I did look at Andrew Hickinbottom for my character models because I really liked how he used shading and highlighting on characters even though I wasn’t actually making 3D models like he does.

I started designing my characters using pen, pencil and paint which I then eventually took into Photoshop and Illustrator so that I could put them into my game and refine them. I really focused a lot on my character designs and trying to improve the proportions and creating some interesting looking characters that really looked like they had evolved depending on certain animals. I created the assets for my game on Illustrator and also programmed the game myself.

Throughout the project I asked people in my class for feedback on my work and their opinion of how my game plays and how my characters look. I also looked at the work myself and improved if I wasn’t pleased with the work already. Overall, I really think I stuck to my project proposal and came out with really good concepts. If I were to improve anything it would be my time management because I wanted to get even more digital paintings finished.

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Ryan Beech - Evasion

I set out to create photorealistic models within 3DS models and considering I had only used 3DS Max twice before this project I wasn’t too sure as to how my outcomes would end up or how good my skills are in 3DS Max but reflecting on the models I created especially using the 3DS Max materials in the way that I did, I felt my outcomes were far and away better than I expected. Both models were far higher poly than I had ever attempted before and this was a big jump forward in how I used the software before and this took a few attempts to create my first mustang. Once I got going on this first model, I really picked up the speed with how fast I produced it. If I had more time I think I could of perfected it further and polished my model off more, but for the first model outcome I was really pleased with it. I found producing the second model far more straight forward having overcome any snags and difficulties in the production of the previous one.

In terms of getting it to work in Unity I didn’t get to where I wanted to be, mainly due to the difficulties in coding. Sadly the game did not develop into the working model I had planned, so I resorted to a simpler outcome for video purposes and that does the trick to an extent which I’m satisfied with asalthough it would have been nice for it to work and be playable, my coding isn’t my strong point, I gave it a go but didn’t achieve the outcome in Unity that I had wanted.

Overall I felt that I have surprised myself with the quality of work and my capabilities and how comfortable I am in 3DS Max and also trialling different things and experimenting really worked in my favour and really improved my work. Over all the projects I have done in the past I feel that this is some of the best work to date and I’m pleased with what I created.

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Joni Ashton - Jellyfish

When this project started out, I intended on creating a mobile app capable of choosing a song at random and generating a level procedurally based off the fluctuations and variables in the song. I wanted this game to be a simple idea, with a simple design and a neon theme and colour scheme. There wasn’t much story included in the game but the main character was Jellyfish named Mas, whose quest was to return to his family. The idea behind the game was for the user to move the character with their finger around the mines, these mines would destroy the user and fail the mission if made contact with. The starting point for my research was different existing games, art styles and media. I looked at other song based a rhythm based games such as Rayman Legends, Crypt of the Necrodancer and AudioSurf. My Target audience was literally anyone who liked music and owned a mobile phone, the art style was simple and colourful and the gameplay was easy to comprehend, meaning it was open to anyone who wanted to play.

The art movement that influenced me the most was neon, so many light stream art pieces look so good and effective against dark or contrasting backgrounds so I took a lot of inspiration from art pieces I could find in this style and media that used this style, when thinking about how well colour can be shown, the light flares of neon are some of the most effective and eye catching, this is why I used them.



Techniques that I used to create my game included all of my coding/unity knowledge and everything that I had learned about adobe photoshop such as clipping masks, filter effects and free hand drawing on digital tablets (followed by rendering). I used a lot of digital work to really get across the vivid effect that I wanted in my game. My coding has come on a lot this project although I had a lot of failed ambitions I still consider my game to be a success and I learned a lot about Unity and Javascript coding.
I developed my skills in coding by trying things that were outside of my comfort zone and learning what was required to make them happen such as Ray Tracing, Global values and different functions and how they’re called. I also looked at requirements for mobile development and procedural generation based off of music but this turned out to not be feasible for this project. A lot of manual work went in with unity as well while I was manually placing all of the mines to fall in the exact right timings.

Overall I was really happy with my end game and I really enjoy both playing it and watch other people have fun playing it. I feel like the art style came through pretty well and served as a good prototype to what the final game would ideally look like if I produced it with more time and with funding. My strengths in this project were my patience and extra time that I took outside of college constructing the levels, I worked harder than I have in any other project and I feel like it paid off. My weaknesses I feel like I was too ambitious initially and didn’t think about the size of the job ahead of me in comparison to the time and experience that I had, even with all I learned and have learned I don’t think I could’ve achieved all of it even if I’d spent twice as much time working on it. Looking back at my project proposal, I said that my game would be an app and that it would allow the user to enter a tag into the score as well, this was not possible in the end and like I said I feel I was a bit too ambitious.

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Bronwyn Crowley Green - Pimp Thy Horse

My project came about as I decided that I wanted to do something to do with horses as I have 3 of them and I know there anatomy pretty well. I also decided upon two words that I would link with my project these words being Armoury, as I love all things medieval especially the armour so why not make an armoured horse. Alongside that word I also decided to use the word Equipped, why not stop at armour? Why not make a creation of outfits for this horse. That’s where my idea came from I decided to create a dress up game for a horse however it would be a 3D dress up game rather than the usual 2D game. I then named this game ‘Pimp Thy Horse’ as this is a medieval based game but you can pimp up your horse at the same time, like Pimp my Ride medieval style. I’ve had a few problems with the name of this game as some people found it inappropriate for young children, however most people find it funny and witty, and this game has an original name with no other dress up game with it, so I decided to keep the name as it was. The outfits I then decide on were firstly the Armour as that is my original outfit idea and my main outfit, the second was then a Princess outfit as I believe young girls would mostly be playing this game so I will need some pink In there! Next I decided upon the pimped outfit this is the outfit that makes the horse look ready for a night out. It makes the horse look well and truly pimped! After sorting out the basics of my game I was then able to go onto the digital side of things after making my concept designs for my horse I then went onto 3d the horse on 3DS Max I ran into little problems making the horse itself it was actually rather simple to create as I already have a knowledge of horses and the way they move. I firstly created the body of the horse and went onto create the head in a different document once both were more or less finished I then merged them together onto the game document creating a horse, I then added some more detail to the full body. The part where making the horse got really tricky was when I had to create the hair on the horse, as 3DS max has a hair and fur option I used that however the hair that came from the model was too short at first and was very tricky to move and use, however I stuck with it for a few days attempting to keep the hair and fur option finally I came up with a plan of selecting more polys than before and hoping the mane/tail doesn’t look like it’s in layers. To my surprise the hair actually turned out rather well, I styled it very carefully and placed it back onto the horse (As I cloned the hair to element.) While I was creating the model of my horse I was also making my 3D environment on the side for my game, my 3D environment is very rocky however still has some flat lands, there will be a tower and a ménage om the outside of the environment, but if you walk into the tower you will find a stable are for the



horse, only small but big enough for one horse to live, I created a stabled area, hay bales and even a running water trough to make the game look more realistic. At this point I started thinking about what I could of done with my game if I had more time, I decided that if I had more time I would of wanted to make it into a looking after the horse game where you would have to groom it and feed it and maybe even ride and name the horse! I then started experimenting with making my horse move I tried a few websites to help rig my horse to move, sadly these websites didn’t have anything on making my horse walk! So I had to do it all manually. I used 3DS Max and gave it a CAT skeleton that I put inside the horse and move bit by it in the running sequence of a horse and recorded the movement! This took more than a few attempts, finally I was able to get my horse running. But still has a few problems, however with the little time I had left I couldn’t carry on with making my horse move. When I went back to my 3D horse I was then at the point to start texturing it, I textured the horse at first a grey (White) as my pony from home (Pepsi) is also white. But I decide to change the colour from a grey to a liver chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail (brown with beige mane and tail) this is the colour of another one of my horses (Oreo) so the colour/ texture for my 3D horse wasn’t hard to find, Once Textured with a mane and tail I was then able to move onto the actual outfits for my horse. I created the armour for my horse first I did this by selecting polygons and cloning them to element I was then able to shape and alter the polygons without touching the horse, I created: A face plate, neck plate, chest plate, armoured saddle, and a plate for the hind quarters (The rear end) I then textured them a silver and maroon colour making the horse look as if it was royal and ready for battle, I also gave the armour a small shine to make it look metal. Next a made the pimped outfit this outfit was rather difficult to make as the hat caused many a problems however with lots of messing with polys I finally managed to come out with a decent looking hat, at this point my time was running really low so I decided that I would only be able to do tasters of the pimped and princess outfits, I changed the texture of the pimped saddle to purple stripes and black, I also gave the horse a ‘pimp stick’ to make it look cooler I even changed the colour and style of the hair the colour was changed to purple and the style was changed to a Mohawk. I went onto make the taster outfits for the princess horse. I created a tiara, and a pink saddle for this horse I also made some nice pink bows the I placed on the tail and down through the mane I even changed the mane/tail colour to a Pink, furthermore I even changed the body colour of this horse to a baby pink, this makes the horse a little different to the others. Finally I had finished my models and environments, overall I was very pleased with my outcome of 3D Models however there would be a lot I would change, I would have changed the aim of the game to a taking care of the horse game, and also would have liked to spend more time on defining my horse in ZBrush to come out with a nice smoothed looking horse.   

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Callum Wightman - Fornya

The title for my game concept is Förnya, this means revival and renewal. My concept is a free roaming gaming where the user can travel around infinite islands collecting and completing quests, the islands will most likely have village where the player can stop off to regenerate moral and to resupply. But there is a consequence for everything, if the user is trashing the environment or stealing crops etc. the island will begin to deplete and become exhausted, the user must create a balance by renewing and reviving the island with materials. Eventually it will degrade into nothing and everything is lost.

I stuck by most of my Proposal but had to change bits due to technical difficulties or feedback, such as not being to use Unreal Engine in college and having more experience in other software’s making it ultimately better to use existing software’s saving me time. Another slight change to my proposal was that I was to create a singular island containing my environment, this shortly changed after I spoke with my form tutor as we agreed I was to design multiple islands and have my buildings scattered around them. Also some feedback I received suggested me to create multiple islands rather than one, I ended up using blender instead of 3DS max as I knew the software a lot better plus my eyes hurt when look at the 3DS Max interface so I didn’t end up learning it in the first year. I am not too sure why I couldn’t get my head around 3DS Max’s interface but It couldn’t be helped at the time. I feel like the changes I made to my proposal were necessary and made my game concept better rather than be a hindrance to my project.  

I was to use mainly digital techniques throughout most of the project such as 3DS max, Blender, Unreal Engine or Unity, but I will be using traditional techniques such as drawing and painting to create a range of concept art for my level and blueprints for my modelling, I began to draw and sketch finalized images of earlier drawings which I mustered up, the three houses which I wanted to make now all had side and front views of what I wanted them to look like in game, so not holding back I went straight into model development. Using blender as my engine I created my base models, when



my base building were done I started to add features to my buildings such as wooden beams, windows, candles and other bits and pieces a Tudor building would have. After small details were added I began to seem my houses to export the UV map into Photoshop in order to paint, I found texturing my models rather difficult as am not a natural painter and haven’t really used this type of media before. After my textures were done I began to bring together all my assets such as lamps, barrels, houses and islands together for my final scene. After hours of putting my scene together with the correct lighting and positioning I was in the correct position to begin my final poster for my exhibition. I took a high resolution screen shot of my scene and imported it into Illustrator, I then added text keeping to the style of my existing format, and my text was my Slogan for the game “Explore, Revive and Renew”. I also created a second poster for my exhibition which contained snip-its of my scene alongside some individual models used in my scene. 

I now began to create a fly-by of my scene using custom animation paths were a camera would follow a directory whilst rendering images which compiles into a short clip or animation. This was very hard as animation isn’t easy and shouldn’t be taken lightly when using custom paths etc, It taken me a couple days to get a ultra-high quality render but one of my models at the end messed up and turned pink.. This was a day before my deadline so I had to compromise on some quality and render a slightly noisier version of the original render, this was extremely frustrating but there was nothing that could be done. I now had 3 turnarounds of my Building and a fly-by of my scene and overall I was very happy with the outcomes. My weaknesses during this project weren’t very apparent to me as in other projects, my graphics exam clashed with my game design which put me behind schedule as I missed out on a week worth of lesson time. This was due to me not managing my time properly/not looking ahead, this ended up not effecting my outcome as I worked even harder to catch up. My modeling skills this project were much more professional and complex than previous projects, I was ridiculously happy with my final Building designs as they turned out much better than expected. I really did enjoy this project as it combined all my past work together from the second year, if I was to re do this project I maybe would have used a type of weather system or something to make my visuals pop out even more, but overall I am very pleased with how this project turned out.

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Callum Donaghy - Sheep Rodeo

To begin with I was asked to come up with a few ideas for a game from two words from a list we were given, the two words I picked were “Infinity” and “Exploration”. Now I started two explore what exactly these two words meant and I brainstormed what type of game they could be added to. In the end I looked at existing games such as “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfers”, looking at what made them so successful made me decide I too was going to make a Endless Runner style game.

I needed a narrative for my game but it was to be short and I wanted to add some humour to the game. I spoke to my tutor and he told me to look into an American sport from Utah called the Sheep Rodeo, it is exactly as it sounds and me and my friends found it hilarious so I incorporated it into my game.

I then started looking into how my game was going to look and my chosen artist was Duncan Beedie, I really liked how loose and childish his artwork is. Beedie’s characters have no joints in there arms and have no necks looking like a lot of the cartoons I watched as a child. Beedie’s artwork is 2D however and I really wanted mine to be 3D so I had to figure out a way to translate his style into 3D so I started to look at Low-Poly. A studio called “Blu Zoo” created a advert for rugby league that used the low-poly style and it just looked good on the eye for me so I chosen to use the two styles in my work.

Most of my work was done on the the computer but to begin with I had to use pictures of sheep to draw from in the style I wanted. I did this with the assets I needed in my game and taken onto the computer to model using 3DS Max. With each of my models being textured I then rendered them in a high resolution file to be used on my posters. The area that I spent the most time on was making the game itself in unity, I had to import and create this endless map and also code the character controller.

Things that I would do differently if I did this project again would have to be changing the artist, I don’t think I managed to get his style to work with low-poly models though I still like the look of the game. I initially wanted to do the animation for my sheep running but due to lack of time it was unachievable. I most certainly need to work on my time management when it comes to a big project like this.



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Dane Bramhall - Hour Zero

We were asked to produce our own project proposal in which we had to specify exactly what we were setting out to do in this project. When writing mine I wanted to make sure that I would set something different to some of my previous projects that I have completed. I did this so that the work that would produce would be more original and it would give me the chance to explore new techniques which is very important. Although I wanted to set something different I still wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with what I was setting out to complete. This way I would enjoy the project more and I think that the more comfortable you are with what you are working on the better the outcome will be with your work. The theme in which I set in my proposal was a horror style theme using the words exploration and immersion as inspiration with coming up with ideas for the project. I wanted to create a horror game using Unity focusing on the environment I would be creating all of the textures and the terrain myself.

My starting point for this project was to complete a sufficient amount of artist research and influences to help me with my idea generation for my game, I researched into artists such as Andrew Brookes, Eytan Zana and Joe Cornish. By doing this artist it helped me a lot because it gave me a brief idea of the style that I wanted to bring into my work. I think that my research into Andrew Brookes helped me the most as he is a professional photographer ad he really inspired me when taking my primary images for this project as I was able to produce images up to a high standard.



Another big influence that I used for my project was my research into the island of the dolls in mexico. This was the main inspiration that I used for this project as I thought that it would be a good idea to base my island that I wanted to create off of it. I thought that this was a really strong concept for my island and I also got the same feedback from my group. The island also gave me the idea of the horror part that I wanted to have in my game, I decided to use the theme of dolls for horror in my game which I really liked as I thought that it was quite unique in a way and had strong influences to the island.

The art style in which I chose to use in my game was an 8mm film footage style using a blur and a noise effect to the screen to add a nice effect to my game. I really liked this style and I think that it worked really well with my game helping to enhance the horror in my game.

I am really happy with the final outcome in which I was able to produce in this project as I think that I exceeded my own standards in which I set out to create. I think that the island the I modelling using 3DS Max looks very realistic in the shape of the island as I think that it looks very natural which helps bring the use into the game when playing. I also think that I was able to successfully create a horror style in which the user will actually be quite frightened when playing the game, I think that I was able to achieve this through the art style that I used and also the sounds that I implemented into the game such as the screams.

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Joe Walker - The Emperor’s Afterlife

At the start of my project, I set out to create some very detailed models and import them into a unity environment. The concept I chose was the terracotta army and I based my idea historically on the Chinese terracotta army. I wanted to make my environment and models look as realistic as possible.

In this project I will set out to achieve making a character animate in a unique environment in which the player is able to explore. The concept of my game will be about protecting the emperor from his afterlife as I have researched. The narrative side of it will be who has power over the army, you or the emperor? I will create a range of assets in 3ds max to place in the environment and model some armoury to be fitted onto the character. This character will be seen in 3rd person view to give the user an opportunity to look at the armour and detail on the character model. I will base my research on the terracotta army which was made of pottery whilst focussing on the concept of stone. In this project I will be mainly focussing on the 3D model skill side to create a range of detailed and unique models in an environment. Throughout the project I may change my ideas and gather more influences and explain why I have changed my previous ideas. Overall in this project I feel that I have completed the targets I set out to achieve, with this being the models that I created and an environment that a player is able to walk around. I did say that I would focus on created



models in an environment, as I progressed through my project, I started to focus on making a game called the Emperor’s Afterlife. This is because I got my character to animate and I thought that by putting in in a working game, it could be used to its full potential.

The terracotta warriors will patrols around an environment obstructing the player’s path. The player will have to collect keys to open a door and complete the level. The map which my game will have is like a maze so that the player gets confused as if they have gone the wrong way and have to navigate a different path to find the right key. Overall I feel that my FMP went incredibly well as I have had the opportunity to animate a character and import it into Unity, I feel that this was one of my biggest achievements in creating my game as it looks much more realistic with my model moving. I also focussed on adding great detail into my models however this wasn’t the case, I decided to create a working game with code involved. I am also impressed with the fact that it will be used on the occuls rift. I did plan to add some traps into my game to make it a bit harder however I didn’t get round to this aspect as I devoted a lot of my time to modelling and coding.

This project has gave me more insight into the game industry and how each role fits a particular person. I fell that the role which I took of game designing is right for me and have fully enjoyed the experience of creating a working game in Unity and designing all of the assets.

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Keelan Fitzsimons - Economic Ladder

My original idea was to have a 3D environment that you can walk around and explore, this environment would be split into 3 sections to symbolise classes. I soon after changed my idea so that I could use the etching style, my new idea was to have a 2D plat former that uses 3 lanes that you have to use to transverse across, and my idea was too complex to have as a game so I sampled it down. The current idea for my game is a side scrolling puzzle platform that plays on the idea of the more money you have the easier life gets and I have incorporated this into my work by using green orbs to symbolise money and different colour platform that you can only access with X amount of green orbs otherwise you will be sent back to the start and you will lose 1 of your orbs. Eventually you won’t be able to walk on a certain line and you will never be able to walk on them.

I have kept to my original idea of global divide. I feel this idea was quite different, and I think that my game fits with the concept I had. The only thing I feel like I would like to have done more 3D work and design a 3D environment but I am still pleased with the outcome I arrived at. I feel like this outcome works better with my concept though and I am pleased that it has come out the way It did.



I didn’t make any 3D models in this project due to everything being 2D. The only building I have is the outline of the houses of parliament to symbolise the divided in life between the rich and the poor. I am happy that I changed my idea to this because it shows life in a different way than how most people would show it and I feel like this will help my game be set apart from most others.

Personally I feel like this game style is more effective and can convey my idea better than any other. I am pleased that my idea changed and if I had to redo this project I would still do the same game style but I would put more detail into the assets to give it a more distinct style and to help it stand out.

My Concept was to show the divide between the rich and the poor, I feel like the outcome of this project shows this in the most effective way to show the concept. If I was to redo this project I would like to get another level or two in to the game and I would also like to put a scoreboard system into the game.

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Luke Oldfield - Race For Rescue

My work was text based and my area of focus was coding/programming. In my lessons I used pencil to first draw out my sketches and then took them into Photoshop so that I could colour them and edit them some more. The development of my work was slow in some areas as I came across quite a few issues with the code whilst making the game, this in turn wasted a lot of my time. I’m most pleased with my art style that I have used for everything, the sprites, other images, backgrounds, everything. It turned out looking a lot better than I expected it to turn out and suits the game really well.
My strengths in the final design were the art style and the overall layout of the entire game. My weakness were that the coding was tricky and I didn’t get much help when doing it so I encountered a lot of problems which affected my final piece.



I believe my work communicates the original set project extremely well as my specified area was coding and so creating a game was the easiest thing for me to do. I managed my time affectively at times during this project by being really focused at times and getting lots of work done, but there were times when I was too distracted and so fell behind my deadline and this happened a few times throughout the project and so in the end had a big effect on my finished piece. As this was my last project I am happy with the way I did this project and would enjoy doing it this way again if I had another project, the only issue would be my time management, I would need to work on improving it so that my work will benefit in the long run. The most important thing I learned in this project was to always have good time management, as you may only have a small issue but after a while it will have snowballed and will have a much bigger effect on the work.

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Samuel Leach - Dreamcatcher

After reviewing my project proposal and looking at the work I have done, I am happy that I have completed a large amount of the work I set out to do and I am happy with the skills I have worked on and improved. Though I did not complete everything I had hoped to do, I had completed my initially planned work, I am also happy with the code I created, making a camera system inspired by the original Resident Evil titles.

I set out to create a small game with at least two levels and create a simple yet enjoyable monochrome art style so I could work mostly on my coding, while I did hope to create four levels, my lack of time management in the initial weeks caused me to miss this optional target. This needs to be improved on in the future as it was a fairly major problem, causing unnecessary falling behind, I am still happy with my overall outcome. My camera system is the part I am the happiest with, creating code which moves the camera from fixed position to fixed position. This allows me to put more focus on the environment unlike with a constantly moving camera which is following the player as they move through the game.



While I am happy overall with my digital work, I should have focused more on my folder work, such as drawings and primary sources, though I feel I have been thorough with my research into how dreaming works. I should have also done more drawing, where I only did the minimum needed drawings, I should have done different drawings of similar things and chose the most fitting of the sketches. I also should have experimented more with visuals, working more with ink like I had originally planned to instead of just pencil drawing.

In my digital work, I wish I would have worked on the idea of using light and darkness as mechanics, though due to me losing time due to my lack of time keeping, I was not able to work on these mechanics.

Overall, I am happy with my outcome but I know that multiple improvements could have been made which would have made both my digital and folder work even more impressive, I will aim to improve on my downfalls such as poor time management in the future and will hopefully be able to create higher quality outcomes in the future.

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Adam Stallwood - Dark Reminiscence

For the project I tasked myself to create an environment for a stealth/horror game, but an interactive environment that the player can walk around in, and it would be oculus rift compatible.

I managed to create my horror environment successfully, apart from being able to show the stealth aspect, as it is difficult to apply to an environment without gameplay. But everything else I was able to apply to my game and I’m happy with the outcome. I also wanted my environment more realistic by applying lighting features and audio to play. I very successfully managed to achieve this, I applied dynamic lighting and shadows to the game, so even the player model casts shadows as he moves, and I can use the shadows to add some fear by moving them, making the environment more interactive.

Through group crits it seemed like a very good idea to add features like moving shadows and things to add fear to make experiencing the environment more immersive. I couldn’t figure out how to get the shadows moving super realistically after multiple attempts, so I improvised with a



different method of moving them, overall I am very pleased with my final outcome. I designed and modelled all different kinds of furniture’s to scatter around and bring the environment out there. My map idea worked very well, it’s linear but people still get lost walking through it which just adds more fear.

I am happy I got almost every aspect I wanted in, but what I am not as pleased with is that I had to lower the quality of all my textures in order for unity to run at a steady frame rate. It takes a small portion of the realistic look I wanted out and that doesn’t benefit the dynamic lighting. I also used 3DMax to model all of my assets and used primary images to texture. From another group crit I taken in some of the ideas I was given, like putting a filter on the character so distant things are blurry and out of focus.