Summer Show 2016


Textiles and Fashion Group


Georgia Carr - A Touch Of Spice

I will be working towards producing a range of scarves which can be worn and styled in numerous ways. These scarves will be inspired by India and will consist of intriguing intricate patterns. They will also include a range of bright colours such a reds, oranges, browns and gold etc, Indian patterns can consist of a wide variety of colour. My collection will reveal detail and beauty, therefore decoration is a huge fragment.

My influences will be focused around various Indian patterns as well as India itself. The amount of inspiration for designs from India is amazing, the creativity of these scarves will be fascinating. I gained a huge amount of inspiration from my visit to Manchester as I visited an Indian fashion shop which stored garments which included a variety of detailing and pattern. I took various pictures from the trip that I will also add to my inspiration.

My techniques will be focused around surface pattern and embroidery. As I am making a collection of scarves, the designs will be created by guta, and filled with colourful dyes. I will then incorporate free machine embroidery to add extra detailing onto the scarves, as well as beading and possibly jewels to add that extra sparkle. To achieve a successful collection to a high standard I must put in a large amount of time and effort. Therefore I will work to the best of my ability and use my free time wisely to achieve my goal.

I will keep referring to my brief and checklist to ensure I have completed everything on time and to a high standard. I will peer and self-review my final outcome. In previous projects this has been very useful as another student's opinion is crucial, they are able to comment on what is successful and what I could improve on, and I do take this information on board. It is also useful for me to review someone else's work, as I can compare their work to mine which is beneficial. I can also ask my tutor to review my work, this will help me make my final improvements.

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Bella Pearson - Distortion and Reflection

I will work towards producing a collection of garments (3/4) incorporating reflective materials and bright colours. For my inspiration I will be looking at roadworks, distorted lights, sportswear, and construction sites, because they all have reflective themes within and it will help me generate ideas for my final collection. I would like my outcomes to have a small sportswear influence because it's different from what I have previously created. I want to create garments that are suitable for men and women, and right now sportswear and unisex clothing is big in fashion at the moment. I want to add hints of florescent colours against a plain background (black) To make unisex garments, such as a jacket/ joggers- sportswear influence.

I will be looking at roadworks and construction sites for inspiration as they use lots of reflective material. I will look at designers inspired by roadworks and reflective materials to help give me some inspiration for garment ideas, such as Moschino SS16 as the collection is all about roadworks, bright colours and interesting designs. I will looks at Sportswear brands such as Adidas, Nike and also Stella McCartney. I will get my designs from the roadwork sign shapes, and create a pattern inspired by this for one of my garments. I will be taking lots of different pictures of roadworks and lights.

The techniques I want to include in my final garments are machine stitching, ruffles, heat press, bias binding and zig zag stitch.
I also want to improve on my pattern cutting skills and be able to create something different which I have never produced before.
I will need to leave enough time to experiment with the different materials and make sure I have enough time to create my collection. I want to achieve a successful outcome, which shows I have created something different from what I have done before, therefore showing the risks I have taken.

I will get peers to review my work and give their honest opinion so I know what I could improve on. I will ask for advice off my tutors, to see what they think about my work and if there is anything they think I could include. I will include in my folder work any feedback I have received and any peer reviews which will help me improve my work for the better.


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Olivia Butler - Distortion

I will create a fashion collection that is thoroughly made to a high standard with textile techniques embedded. To add to this I will also embed Victorian/ Tudor theme as this will work well when constructing together possible outcome shapes.  I want to create a whole fashion garment which would be a dress, inspired by distortion and Victorian/Tudor theme. In addition to this I would also create two neckpieces as well: that would combine together by both influences. My main focus will be to create a fashion collection where the fabric manipulation and fabric techniques will reflect Distortion, and then the actual shape of the garment/ neckpieces will be inspired by the structure and shape of Victorian/Tudor times. Moreover I think that combining both elements together will overall create a very successful final collection.

My key influences will be to research the very first basics of the word 'Distortion', this can be interpreted in many different ways. Furthermore I will research the Victorian and Tudor fashion, I will compare different styles and shapes of the gowns etc. Ill also look at designers and fashion collections that inspire me most, ones that excel most in fabric manipulation and construction. I will research fashion designers such as; Giles, Rowan Mersh, Iris Van Herpan and Chloe Kim. In addition to this I will be experimenting with distorting materials, exploring different ways to manipulate and construct fabrics too. I will work with a range of subtle tones and soft pastel colours. I will experiment using several techniques such as; smocking, burning fabrics using the soldering iron, painting onto layers of net, over locking ruffles. I want to create unusual techniques that wouldn't be on an everyday garment, therefore I will be creating techniques that resemble my theme. Moreover my timing for this project is very essential, I need to be prepared to meet initial deadlines to be organised for final making.

To conclude I will be reviewing my work as I complete each piece of evidence for my assignment. I will ensure that I do this regularly as I want to meet all the criteria's so I know I will be fulfilling my best. To do this I will ask my peers and mentors for critical advice.

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Kristine Kho - Moment In Time

My chosen theme for this project is Moment in Time and I am basing it on the golden ages of old school hip hop, mainly focusing on the fashion and the influences of hip hop in the late 80's and early 90's. I chose this theme because I am personally into the old school hip hop vibes, I enjoy listening to the music and how the beats are funky. I also love what they wore such as the bomber jackets, accessorise, caps, sneakers and baggy clothing. I will be producing surface pattern pieces and fashion outcomes such as jumpers, shirts, shoes and jeans, which will end up being in a shop display collection as a final outcome. My works will be inspired by graffiti's, fashion wear, famous brands, the music, colours and patterns.

My starting point is the mind map of inspirations and the primary images I took from the trip. I mainly took pictures of fashion garments from the vintage shops I went to, I also took pictures of up close details and the patterns and colours of the clothing's. My influence is the old school fashion clothing's and cool sneakers. Likewise what they wore on the television show 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'. The music is also an influence of hip hop as it is inspired by the earlier forms of music such as R&B, funk, soul, jazz, rock and roll performers and poets. Influences of hip hop culture is the famous artists' such as Run-D.M.C, LL Cool J, N.W.A, Ice-T, De La Soul, Slick Rick, Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dogg, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac Shakur and Eric B & Rakim. I will be looking at the different eras of the 80's and 90's and also what different fashion styles there was during that time. I will be researching sportswear brands that includes Stella McCartney, Adidas, Nike and Kate Hudson's gym wear line. I will also research the graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and the T-Magic.

The techniques I will be using in my works will be dyeing fabrics, printing, free embroidery and straight stitch. I will also be using old pair of jeans and shoes that I own so I can customize it with graffiti and dying the fabrics of the jeans. I will also buy plain shirts and jumpers so that I can also customise it.

I will be taking step by step pictures and analyse my works to show evidence. I will have my tutors and peers to review any of my work and what I can improve on and I will take that on board so I can improve any of my works.

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Adara Gibson - Summer In The City

The theme I have chosen to work with is SUMMER IN THE CITY. I have chosen this theme due to the primary research I can gain, I am interested in combining my illustration skills with textile embroidery and creating a range of textile art pieces inspired by this theme. In these pieces I will focus on key aspects such as, friends, fashion, and landscape. I will work towards creating textile art pieces that properly convey the feeling of summer in the city, the weather, the heat, the fashion, trends and the shopping.

I'm going to be photographing people interacting with the city, architectural buildings that are interesting and use reflection within my photographs to properly show the city. I've been to Manchester on a trip and taken photographs in response to the theme but will be visiting Liverpool and Manchester again to take more appropriate imagery. I will be looking into trends for summer 2016 and 2017, and working my colour scheme around this, I will be taking inspiration from artists such as Agata Wierzbicka, Valery Koshlyakov, Allesia Avellino, Ian Murphy, and Rosie James.


I'm intending to use, paint, cotton, dye's, calico, teasing fabrics, glue gun to add texture, sand and paint for texture, heat gun, embroidery, continuous stitch. I am hoping to also use digital work for dye sublimation and laser cutting. I want to give my pieces depth and texture to get the best effect for my theme and I feel these will give me the best result. Fabric will be my main medium but I'm also thinking of working with cardboard, like Koshlyakov, to add more structure to my pieces. These pieces will be hanging wall pieces but I want a 3D element to them and I'm hoping to accomplish them by using ruffles, bobbles, a glue gun and laser cutting. In the first 3 weeks I will be doing research into artists, markets, techniques, trends and colours, I will also be starting to create illustrations before moving onto the design development area for 3 weeks in which I will produce samples and plan my piece before making it for a further 3 weeks.

To evaluate my work I will use peer assessment, both from my class and people outside my class, I will ask for teachers opinions, review my own work critically throughout, using process tables. At the end of every sample I will review it thoroughly and improve upon the work before moving on. I will make sure I take picture throughout the project and making times, so I can ensure I am doing things properly and respond to them later on, during the making I will review my steps every day to make sure I am working on time and moving along nicely and to a high standard.

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Harry Clutterbuck - Space Odyssey with a bit of Bling

I am going to work towards creating a space themed catwalk garment which is gender neutral. This garment will have a bit of bling within it which will involve glitter, gems and sequins. The colour scheme for these garments will range from blues to sand colours with beige and golds. I want to be creating 3 garments which will have one main bold garment with a lot of detail and techniques put into it with 2 more less bold garments which will link to the main one. I want my main garment to be unique, individual and out-there.

I have many designer influences which will help me throughout the project, these are, Alaia, Balmain, Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan, YEEZY and the style of the space race fashion. My starting points for this project is to travel to Manchester and visit various places to gather together my primary images which I can then trace from to get my designs. After this I will gather secondary images from the internet of space which will help me with my colour schemes. My early ideas are to use some of Issey Miyake’s style materials and techniques which are quite spacey with the style of Balmain’s bling patterns.

The techniques I would like to use are free machinery, gathering, inserts, pleats and use various cuts to create an unusual garment. I would also like to create some sort of head wear and accessories which will fit into my theme. The materials I would like to use are pleather and more high end fabrics which will make the garments more catwalk and stand out more. For one of my garments I might create it so there isn’t a lot of fabrics and it is more of a under garment. This won’t take a lot of textile techniques as there won’t be enough material to create different styles.

To evaluate my work for this project I will be reviewing each sample and each piece of work I do by myself and have a peer to review it so that I can have other people’s opinions. This will help me develop on my ideas so that I can create a better final outcome. I will then document these pieces of work so that I can keep relating back and to.


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Hannah Neild - Touch Of Bling Spice'

After thinking about my possible FMP direction, I decided to focus on 'Touch Of Spice' but incorporate Bling into it, as a unique take on the themes. In my last project I created a garment so for my Final major project I have decided to make an interior outcome, focusing on interiors found in the Bedroom.I am going to make a bed cover, pillows and wallpaper. Using the intricate patterns and designs found in the different cultures and then introducing the bling; using sequins, beads, and mirrors to give a more contemporary and opulent look.

When doing my research I have come across many different influences already, because I have decided to combine the two different themes I have a range of fashion and interior designers, I am also looking at the different cultures, the religions, beliefs and festivals. Although I am doing interiors I am looking at many fashion designers because of the use of embellishment which is something I will be including in my final outcome.
One of my key influences is the Holi Festival, is a spring festival, also known as the festival of colors or the festival of sharing love. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia. They throw bright colored paints at each other which would look great for me to replicate in my interior designs. Which also links in with the work from one of my favorite designers Alexander McQueen, on one of his catwalk shows he had model Shalom Harlow take to the catwalk in a white cotton dress which is spray-painted by two robots. I am going experiment with many different techniques to get the same look and then have my intricate patterns and add my bling.

When progressing through this project I am wanting to have feedback, which I can then use to help me make informed choices that will improve and develop my designs and ideas. I am also going to create a questionnaire including images of some of my designs and patterns and also ask questions to help me have more idea about what people like in their bedroom, I will ask people outside of the class room so I can get unbiased results and also get views on my work by people who are unaware of my project.

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Amy Jones - Tea Party

I will create a fashion collection of childrenswear showing off different techniques and patterns. I will also do different prints influenced by the patterns and themes of tea party related products such as china and table wear. I will need to show a clear understanding in my work of my theme and show clear links and evidence towards my work.
As a starting point I will collect primary images from Manchester, London and my own still life photoshoot. I will do brainstorms on all the different paths I can go down to do with my theme helping range my ideas. I will also create a moodboard, designer research, market research and my own illustrations. All to help me work towards the final outcome.

I have an action plan set out of how long each process will take and how long I have to do it this is so I stay on track and don't get behind in my work. The first three weeks will be based on research. After that I have five weeks to work on my design development. After that I then have another five weeks to complete my final outcome. It is important I stick to all these deadlines otherwise I will get behind and this will affect my final grade. I need to use a range of techniques in my work all linking to my theme. I also need evidence of planning my work such as mock ups, and testing fabrics, paints and colours.

It is essential I evaluate my work I will do this by having discussions with my tutors and peers to help my archive the best possible outcome. This will be done in critical and analytical ways so I know how to improve my work as I go along by seeing other people's opinions. It is important I listen and note down my peers reviews of my work. I will also be annotating my own work as I go along and at the end as my opinion is very important to the task as I need to show in depth analysis of my techniques ideas and final outcomes.

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Megan Fisher - Moment In Time

I chose to focus on was World War 2 showing the history of what developed in the years. I have created mind maps on the time period and then created visual pages of inspiration of how it affected people in the time of the war. I have a range of different visual pages for inspiration of old primary images that I have found at home of family and then developing the work more researchof fashion inspiration regarding the clothing men, women and children would wear. I will research artists that will influence me through the assignment like Paddy Hartley, Clare Hillerby and Sally Mankus.

Using the research images and information at the start of the assignment I will create a variety of thumbnails for a fashion outcome pieces linking to the theme World War 2. After creating my thumbnails I will decide what techniques to use. I am thinking of using the techniques free-embroidery to embriod onto an army jacket using inspiring letters from people at war, mod podge using old primary images onto the army jacket, print press by creating a range of different designs to print onto fabrics that will be created into a vintage dress or shirt at the end of the assignment for one of my final outcome pieces that I will work into. Using these techniques I am thinking of creating for my final outcome is a garments that relate to my family tree incorporating a moment in time alongside World War 2.

For the final part of the assignment I will create an evaluation showing how I have developed my work from my project proposal, peer views from people looking at my work and their opinions on what they think was good about my file and the garments I will create also what I could have changed through the making of the research and the final outcomes.


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Lucy Mcdonald - A Moment in Time

I based my them on the 'Space Race' as that included a certain moment in time where different things trended due to the cold war. After extensive reserch of the time period both politically and culturally, I will then be working towards a final outcome that is based on interior items whether that be a throw or a sofa or maybe even a curtain, I will gather my ideas from collected 1960's imagery and patterns and I will research into the 'Space Race' colour theme to group both of my chosen themes together.

For my theme I am looking at many different influences referring to my chosen theme. These include some interior and fashion artists, such as David A. Hardy an artist who paints space drawings and includes patterns in his work, this is useful as I want my final outcome to be bright and colourful like his work. I also looked at Andre Courreges for fashion inspiration. I've also researched some pictures of space race and looked at the colours and materials used to create an interior piece.

I will include many techniques in my final piece as I want it to be unique and three dimensional looking, I will include detailing in certain areas, I will also sow different materials together. I will create samples using the sewing machine to get an idea of what will work on my final piece and what will look right. I will create thumbnails and draw my ideas of final outcomes. I will also create a colour scheme page so I can refer to it throughout.

When creating ideas and outcomes for this project I would like feedback on what I have already produced and what I should consider as my final outcome.

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Jordan Monks - Kaleidascope

For my final major project my working title and theme is kaleidoscope. I will be working towards producing a garment outcome which will relate to my chosen theme with different techniques, bright colours and symmetrical/repetitive piece.

My influence is kaleidoscopes, and artists such as; Jacky Tsai and David Bomberg. These artists are related to my chosen theme, for example; David Bomberg does very symmetrical and patterned work and Jacky Tsai creates kaleidoscope style patterns within. My starting point for this project is to collect all my research and primary image and to then start developing idea and thumbnails for the outcome I would like to produce at the end of the assignment.

My intended techniques will be working in Photoshop to create an inspired kaleidoscope pattern then to print/transfer it onto fabric. I will be using this technique as it expands my development other than just thumbnails. I will also be incorporating stitching technique into my outcome with free-hand embroidery or straight stitch, I can also incorporate different materials into this as well. I will be working to a certain timescale during the final project to ensure I don't fall behind or miss any work out, as it is important to stay organised. So I will have a few weeks at a time to complete things such as; research, development, and final outcome.

To evaluate my final outcome, I will get my peers and tutors to give me their opinions on my outcome and what they think I could have done better. With these opinions I will make notes and show it as evidence. I will give myself an analysis of all my samples I have made noting what went wrong and what I did to improve next time around. I will also do an overview of everything I have done throughout my final major project and critically evaluate myself as well as the outcomes I make.

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Edward Gatley - Kaleidascope

I decided to focus on the theme "Distortion and Reflection".
The theme itself contained interesting art methods, some of which I've seen such as slow shutter and Bokeh. I wanted to experiment with different art methods such as screen printing, heat press, Photoshop designs, and other art methods and materials that I'm excited to try out.

The plan for my exhibition is aimed on one thing; to allow people to create their own designs. I have always wanted to make artworks that allow people to come up and experiment with the designs, to interoperate their own samples using the different medias at their disposal. With this in mind, I decided I wanted my exhibition to not only be a place for people to create their patterns, but to be an enjoyable experience of distortion and reflection. With the use of the mirrors and the other art materials, I'll be able to draw out my textures and designs with the use of other translucent materials like tracing paper, to distort my design, which will help me make interesting results. Using light boxes, I'll create many samples out of tracing paper which will be covered in different art materials, to show off different aspects of distortion and reflection. Each of the boxes will be painted in acrylic paint, (maybe black as I feel this would allow the light that will go inside each of the boxes to reflect the colours inside my tracing papers).

I will also be creating a wall hanging, which is a sample I learned from my trip to Manchester, where I saw it in the Tibor Reich exhibition. This exhibition gave me the idea of creating a collaged based wall hanging, where I'll incorporate multiple samples, made from different art materials such as fabric, card, and tracing papers.

Overall, I'm looking forward to making preparations for my exhibition, as well as starting on my design plans. I'm really looking forward to being independent with the planning on my work and exhibition, but mainly because I'm excited with using a brand new theme I've never used as inspiration for my work.

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Keeley Kelly - A Touch of Spice

I will be working towards producing a head dress that is similar to that of a wedding day head piece, and two textile art pieces that represent the way of life. For my head piece I will be aiming to create something that is very contempory. In my research I have found that there is a lot of emboridery involved, including beading and various other free hand techniques. To incorperate this into my work I will be using important symbolism as my embroidery templates however I will be adding my own personal designs.

I firstly looked at the historical meaning of 'A Touch of Spice' so that I could get some background information on what this theme means to culture and religion. I then went on to research Hinduism itself as this is the religion I want to focus the majority of my work upon. I wanted to focus mainly on Hindu wedding ceremonies, which is where I got my idea of designing and making dupattas as I found that this was a symbolic item of clothing in a wedding ceremony. I also did a lot of primary research, looking at the kinds of fabrics I would want to use and the different colours that are traditionally used. This then led me on to start researching the meanings of colours and the meanings of symbolism in Hindu religion.


For the different techniques that I will be using I will be introducing ones that are new to me and, in many ways, experimental and unique. For my fabric I will be using many different techniques to make my work unique compared to the dupattas that are sold in retail. I will be experimenting dying some of my fabrics using actual spices that I have researched to be in the spice trade, so that my designs have a very traditional feel. I will also be trying some silk and guta designs, however instead of using guta to draw out my designs I will be using fabric pen ink, so that this represents henna and connects well with the idea of Indian weddings as this is something I've found to be very significant in Hindu weddings.

For each planning and developing stage I have made a plan using a calendar chart to log any actions I will need to take during that week. This represents the weeks that I will spend doing research, the weeks that I will spend doing designs, and making time. For research I will be trying to stick to a 3 week period that will consist of nothing but research both primary and secondary. This is to ensure that I have very in depth research so that I have plenty of ideas for my final outcome. For the foreseen duration of the time I have I will be making sure that this is purely for making samples and creating my final outcome. To review my final major project I will be asking my peers to evaluate my work giving me tips on how to improve in some areas, as well as telling me what I have done really well. I will also conduct my own evaluation processes, stopping every so often and evaluating what I can do better.



Fine Art Group


Louise Riley - Contrasting Space

Throughout this project my work was based heavily around the work of Alberto Giacometti, I had researched into his techniques and styles and created some smaller 30x30 drawings in response to him. I focused on creating gestural, suggestive and expressive lines to portray my imagery, responding to the work he has created of figures in architectural spaces, these mostly being people close to him. My theme for this project was based around these individual pieces, however working on the idea of contrasting environments and specifically drawing my figures in unlikely places for each of them personally. I realised that this theme wouldn't come across to an audience without them actually knowing and having some sort of connection with the person in the image. Therefore when taking each image I asked them to dress in a certain way that helped them to stand out, enhancing the contrast between them and the environment. I wanted to create a sense of humour through this concept, as the actual portrayal of my work is very intense and they consist of very dark and dull colours. I initially worked on two development pieces portraying this style and theme, my first one was a black and white drawing and my second development was a painting based around a "wash of colour". These both helped me to ensure the materials and techniques I planned to use for my final outcomes were the correct choices and I was able to develop my skills in these areas. For my first drawing development I used graphite, charcoal and hints of white paint and created a very tonal piece, yet still incorporating gestural and suggestive techniques. However I didn't really like the outcome of this piece as much and didn't want to continue using these materials throughout my final outcomes, these also didn't relate to Giacometti as much as I wanted. I doubted whether this piece would portray any relation to the rest of work, although I think this ended up being a very clear example of development and improvement. In my painting development I used ink and acrylic paint to create washes of colour in a very loose manner, I really liked the effect of these materials and chose to continue using these throughout my final outcomes. Whilst using these materials in my final outcomes instead of creating loose washes I built up very intense layers of paint, including a lot more detail and working in the areas of light and dark. I had trouble sticking to my original timetable for this project as I faced quite a few struggles and doubts along the way which elongated the time period I spent on each piece. However despite these struggles I think I managed to create very successful outcomes that portrayed a connection to Giacometti's work yet still had my own style to them. Throughout both of my pieces you can see a clear connection between them and they both portray a part to a series which was my original plan.


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Molly Rafferty - Immersive Human Emotion

For my final project I managed to create a piece that was completely different from my original idea. I did this because when it came to creating my final piece using glass it would have been too impractical and would have been too heavy, causing the piece to break in the end. I decided that I would work on a sheet of steel instead. I made a collective piece that included a painting, an ink drawing and an etching. I did this because I wanted my piece to flow from one theme to the other without the eye getting distracted. I kept my original theme of working with human emotion because all of my development work was successful enough for me to do so. I showed this theme by using images that show people concealed away and portraying a certain emotion. This comes through to the audience by them noticing that no of the figures I created are facing forward or showing their faces.

My influences for my final piece were Jenny Saville, after working with many different mediums in her style I knew that she was definitely an artist that I wanted my work to be inspired by. When it came to the end of my recreate section of my project I researched 3 more artists that connected more with the conceptual ideas of my work. I looked at Marina Abramovic, Ed Van Der Elsken and Hannah Wilkes, each artist worked with the ideas of love, loss, death and sorrow, all of these connected to my final piece and I knew that I wanted to include these in my book to back up my ideas.

For my final piece I used three processes, these were painting in a fluid style, using ink in a loose and gestural style and then etching in a very harsh way. These three techniques combined together to create my final body of work. I wanted to use these techniques because I felt they would all work well together and create a very strong final piece of work. I managed to stick to my work schedule in certain ways, I managed to complete my development pieces in time and create my own separate piece but when it came to my final piece I was behind but managed to finish the piece.

I managed to make my final piece successful by working with my development work and developing them even further to create my final piece. I also feel it is successful in the sense that I manged to put my point across to the viewer about what my work was about and how it was connected to all the conceptual meanings behind it. I comment on issues such as me having to change the material I was working on, I did this because I felt it was best to voice my opinion as to why certain areas of my work wouldn’t work to the best of my abilities.


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Georgina Isles - To slash or not to slash?

For my final outcome I made a set of two canvases that linked together, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, and a third canvas that was inspired by Francis Bacon, Aileen Wurnos. My theme was based on showing and provoking emotions, which I found was a similarity in my research, mainly through the use of eyes. ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul.’ I did this by highlighting the eyes, and layering text over the other features in my development pieces. In my final outcomes: I didn’t do this. For the pair I had a small debate whether I should or not I tossed around the idea of covering the eyes = removing the soul, to show the fact it isn’t a parsing piece, I also considered slashing it, to show this drastically.

I looked at a lot of artists during my project for ideas, especially if they had used similar themes and subjects so I could read reactions they received. For example I looked at Marcus Harvey for my Myra Hindley development piece, and found that others damaged his work twice, due to strong feelings, it also caused a huge media stir. Which helped me understand people may not like my work. The internet was a rich source for me; being able to access mug shots, documentaries and information about both the case and the criminal was helpful and interesting, helping create an strong link between my work and the person.

While painting I used thin paint, and blending to merge and soften the paint and colours to create tones and highlights without harsh lines. I mixed my own black, this meant that the black had depth and wasn’t going to kill space. It also blended out better, giving off a blue tint. I also used dry brushing to roughen up the edges of my third canvas to give it more of a Francis Bacon inspired feel, and creating a stronger link to the artist’s techniques.


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Emma Carlton - Portrait

At the beginning of the project I looked into several artists which stood out to me in a number of ways. This was either due to, colour, composition, imagery, meaning or the elements involved within their work. I then looked into flowers and colours so that I picked the correct elements when creating my pieces and so the overall piece itself fitted together according to my plan. For the project I created a 90cm by 90cm canvas that represented the style and techniques of carne Griffiths. I created the piece using very limited media, which was watered down layers of acrylic paint onto white canvas board. My piece was a portrait of my boyfriend Kaelum. I added other elements into my work linking to the work of Carne Griffiths and his use of flowers and animals alongside the portrait and linking this into his composition. I painted the image of a rose alongside of a blue bird due to the symbolism and meaning of both of them. The rose resembles love and respect and the blue bird shows beauty, respect, loyalty and honesty. I picked these as I feel these represent him well. I used photo realistic colours throughout the piece. My influences throughout the project were my initial artist research as they helped me to develop my skills throughout the project and inspired me with the ways of which I could use colour, texture, materials, processes and composition. The artist that inspired my support drawings and my final piece the most was Carne Griffiths and his work, due the portraits he creates and the way he adds animals and flowers into the composition to enhance the piece and the personas character from the portrait. I feel I had realistic starting points as my artists used achievable techniques which I could recreate on enhance on throughout my work. The techniques and processes I used throughout my work were broad but worked well. I used portraiture for the main element along with mixing and blending acrylic paints as my main technique. I created textures and surfaces of the skin by applying the paint in different ways along with carefully mixing colours to match the colours of the original image to create a photo realistic piece.      

I used a certain way of working throughout my piece, so that my time management was under control and the piece was completed to the highest standard. I sketched and drew the face and added basic colours then added the rose, bird and background into the image. I then added background tones and added details and finishing touches to the face. This worked for me as it allowed me drying time for my piece and every part of my piece got enough time to add the details I needed. Overall I think people’s reaction to my work will be positive and will raise questions about certain elements of my work. I found out how successful my project was by comparing my work to a photograph and people’s opinions and reactions to my work and their response.


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John Atkins - Portraiture

For my final major piece I created two painting pieces. The theme I wanted to capture was sibling relationships. I chose to represent this through father and daughter imagery, I took photographs of Wayne Poutama and his daughter Lauryn Poutama. Lauryn is my partner and I was inspired by the relationship and the close bond she shares with her father. Her father was raised with native Maori traditions and teaches his daughter about their culture. So in my piece I wanted to show the Maori culture in the background of the painting to show where the figures came from. I think the audience will struggle to understand my piece as the outcome wasn't what I imagined. My influences for these pieces came from Jose Parla and JR, their collaborations of contemplating photography and fluent text works very well.

I chose to paint the figures once photographing them in a JR style. I wanted the audience to understand that the two figures have a connection, so I thought of words that link the two and the obvious word seemed to be their surname 'Poutama'. So I repeatedly in different sizes and colour paints wrote the surname Poutama across the painting, creating different textures. I struggled keeping to my work schedule, as I had some personal experience non college related that effected my attendance whilst working towards completing my final major project. The outcome wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I imagined it being more fluent and not as heavy and I think the Maori element is lost in the layering of the text. So because of this I do not believe the outcome was as successful as I foresaw.

I have looked back over the project and thought about the areas I could have managed my time more service and could have prevented distractions. This comes down to self-discipline something I believe I failed to express in this project due to many factors shadowing, I believe my talent and potential has not been shown through this final project. I assessed my project by reflecting on the final pieces I developed through out. I am brutally honest when judging my own work. There were some pieces I developed that I did like the outcome of and then there was ones where I did not. Completing the final pieces I had issues regarding the painting of the figures. I struggled to create them in the way I had imagined and after listening to input I approached the painting in a different style. I like the style I adopted creating these pieces but I wish I had practised a lot more before jumping into the Final major project.


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Joshua Dutton - Reflection and Distortion

In my project I have made two large scale drawings and two canvas paintings. These are based on the interesting shapes of buildings reflected in cars, I was interested in the distortion and the abstract nature of the subject matter. In the photographs that I took, I tried to get a balance between the detail of the car and the abstract shapes and forms of the distorted buildings. I wanted people to take a moment to realise the paintings were of cars, seeing them in the first instance as abstract paintings.

I worked from the photographs in a variety of media. I made a series of 30 x30 cm drawings and paintings based on a variety of artists I have researched, I did tonal drawings, continous line and linear drawings. I explored painting processes using acrylic paint and water colours, these showed me what tonal and blending work I would need to do for my final paintings. The theme was inspired by Brendan Neland. I think that the people looking at my work will understand what I have done because the reflections are the focal point of my work I have researched different artist that work with reflection architecture and abstract work I was influenced to do this by Branden Neland. He works with reflections and architecture using different buildings. I used the building detail like in the work of Daksha Plaska , looking at the way he worked in my black and white. I really liked the tones and I tried working in a similar abstract style in the black and white painting and drawing I worked in the same style as Charles Sheleer in my 30 x 30 drawings I did a pastiche of his work in a very abstract styleI use the grid method to help the drawing process to ensure the outline was the right size and in proportion. I used a free hand drawing technique with the GTR I found the size worked more easer on this one.

I made my own black by putting red and green and a bit of blue then adding white to make a lighter colour and blending them the tone work really well with the colour matching the brush strokes made the work stand out I am really proud with the way my final piece tuned out especially the GTRr standing back from it as a whole painting it looks amazing but I can see all the imperfections, because I have been working on it for hours, but if I go back into the piece I will over work it then ruining the whole piece, but I am glad the way it turned out. The black and white piece I could have improved the reflection.


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Ray Baker - B Movies

For my Final Major Project I created a large scale acrylic painting depicting a monster invasion scene based on 80’s B-Movie horror. I represented the theme by incorporating major elements from the movies I referenced in into my work like a retro 50s Americana style kitchen inspired by Tim Jacobus’ illustrations, Tom Wesselmans art and classic 80’s horror, monsters.

My audience will understand my work because they will recognise the references to 80’s horror. I was influenced by artists Tim Jacobus, Mark Nagata and Tom Wesselman. I was also influenced by classic 80’s B-Movie horror, VHS cover art and classic movie monsters. These sources are referenced in my final piece through imagery depicting a monster invasion scene typical of a B-Movie. The monsters design was also influenced by features of typical movie monsters such as gremlins, critters, the blob etc.

I began the project by looking at artists that I admire. I have always really liked the film genre and wanted to develop a piece of work in response to it. I produced a series of 30x30cm studies, using a variety of drawing and painting processes. I developed a composition that I thought was quirky and fun and captured the essence of the genre. I did a large scale drawing and painting to refine the design, enhancing the still life element of the work to form the focal point of the painting.

I worked with acrylic for the final piece, using bright and garish colour that exaggerate the 50’s Americana I was going for. I applied the paint using flat planes of colour and created gradients of colour, mixing wet on wet, to get the blending right. I masked edges to create sharper look.

I was successful in capturing the essence of the theme and utilising the techniques of the artists and work I was inspired by. I think the painting has an impact. The colour works really well, and the character design that was drawn from my influences looks familiar and wouldn’t be out of place in any of the films that I have referenced. I think I could have refined the painting further, added detail to the background, had sharper edges etc. but I don’t think that this really detracts from the final piece, which is as I imagined it to be when I started the project.


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Lucy Griffiths - Seasons

For my final outcome I produced two outcomes using inspiration from artists in my initial research. I took aspects of their work and developed them in my own way to produce a collection of work that contrast one another. I think my work is extremely abstract as they are made up from tiny geometric, brightly coloured shapes, however I think my work is very easy to comprehend as it has I high clarity and the colours I chose are fairly self-explanatory. I think the theme works well as a collection of work and that if I had only produced one outcome it would have been weak because there wouldn’t be a contrast.

My work is mainly influenced by the techniques that Chuck Close uses in his work. I used his method of gridding up my canvas and then worked in an abstract way inside the grid, meaning the grid is the only thing that makes the piece understandable. I also used the idea of joseph turner by choosing to work with landscapes and including a main subject in my landscape, as a focal point. Also Julie Mehretu influenced the images that I chose to work from as she includes a lot of perspective aspects in her pieces. I felt that including perspective in my images meant my work was stronger and more understandable to the eye.

I stuck to my work schedule and I feel that I was able to produce successful pieces of work. I had to sacrifice parts of my experimental pieces to keep to my time schedule because working on a tiny grid meant that it was a very intricate piece of work that required a lot of focus. However this helped me to decide which size grid would be more appropriate for my final pieces of work so that I could get them fully completed in my time frame. Also I feel that by choosing to make outcomes based on landscape meant that I worked slower as I usually work with expressive style, on animate objects. Working with trees was fairly restricting as they do not have movement, they keep their form.

I chose to assess my work against one another and look at the contrasts that I created within my collection of work. I decided which colour scheme I preferred and which imagery I preferred. I referred to my initial artist research and made links with my work and their work, pointing out the aspects that I chose to use. I feel that this project was successful and I am very pleased with the outcomes I produced as a collection of seasonal work.


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Zara Felton - Bring Out Your Dead

In my final project I have produced a piece based on a nursery rhyme. The nursery rhyme I have chosen was 'ring 'o ring'o roses' I used this rhyme because of the dark meaning it has to such an innocent rhyme. The rhyme is about the black death and the bubonic plague and having children dance around a tree to this rhyme makes it seem a bit deep when you realise the true meanings so that is what I have tried to portray in my piece I have represented the children dancing by the skeletons dancing around with each other. The roses represent the rash people got from the plaque and I have incorporated posies as they were a myth to keep the plague away with other herbs. My title is 'bring out your dead' as that what used to happen with the plague as so many people died they couldn't do much else except wait for them to be collected. I think the audience will understand my theme once they hear the title and they will be able to piece it all together of why I've featured the things I have.

I firstly looked at 4 artists called; Phillip Stearns, LI Hill, Peter Hoffman and Ralph Steadman. I took a liking to Phillip Stearns work due to his technique of using cleaning products and making an abstract composition and then photographing it. I liked how he didn't know how his piece was going to turn out but when it was finished it looked really out of the ordinary and different to every other piece he did, this is featured in my piece as I used the ink to scratch into it and splash it when I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I liked Li Hills work because of the way he portrays actions and movement in still images. Peter Hoffman was also a bit of an abstract artist photographing scenes with water and oil over the top to distort the image. However the series of images I was looking at of his work was to do with the BP oil spill in Mexico 2010. I like the fact his pieces have a hidden meaning. Then lastly my favourite artist was Ralph Steadman. Steadman's work inspired me the most because of his technique of distorting images of normal things to create weird extremes.

I began by painting the roses at the top of the page and filling in the writing of the title. After that I started drawing the outline of my skeletons to show what needed to go where. Once this was completed i used ink to scratch into the outline to make the piece darker and emphasized. Once i had let this dry i then washed over it with a layer on white paint using the dry brush technique to get a scratched finish on it. However a problem I occurred was that the ink wasn't all dry therefore some sections was smudged with grey areas because of the paint mixing with the ink. This doesn't bother me too much as it makes the image look more scruffy which is what i wanted, especially if i was to capture Ralphs Steadman's influence. Once the paint has dried i added another layer of ink to my outlines making everything stand out again. when my piece was completed I then began to start splashing ink over it to give it the Ralph Steadman feel. This technique worked really well and definitely made it look messier, which is what i wanted. I left it a day to dry fully this time as I didn't want to distort my splashes any further and then I began to paint back into it with water and a tiny bit of ink to create a grey tonal background to bring the skeletons forward. I created the tonal section by rubbing it in with my fingers to smudge the ink and water in together. I think that my piece turned out really well. However if I was to do this again I would maybe use some more colour to make the hidden meanings stand out more.


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Hannah Rowe-Blackman - Landscape

For this project I created two contemporary landscape paintings, the subject of which was Speke Hall, a timber framed, Tudor manor house situated in Speke on the outskirts of Liverpool. I wanted to explore landscapes as I hadn't had the chance to do so before, spending most of this course studying still life and portraiture, and I wanted to challenge myself and develop my skills. I decided to look exclusively at National Trust properties, specifically Tatton Hall and Speke Hall as they're historically dense, architecturally interesting and easy for me to access.

I was influenced by the work of Guy Denning, a contemporary oil painter, not technically or stylistically but atmospherically. I liked the way he manipulated paint to capture his subject's expressions. There's a spontaneity about his work that I liked. Originally, I was unsure about whether I wanted to create one piece or two and display them as a pair. I eventually decided to do the latter because I thought that it would be more visually impactful and I should have enough time in which to do so. I also admired the work of Graham Crowley, whose contemporary approach to landscape is interesting and excting.

I decided to use acrylic paints as I had plenty of access to them, no previous experience with oil paints (the medium favoured by Guy Denning) and I thought that it would speed up my work process drastically, as acrylic is a fast drying medium. Surprisingly, I managed to complete all of my work within the time provided. I used the colour in flat planes of flat opaque colour that I worked over to create texture within the paintings.

I'm really pleased with the outcome of both pieces. I've managed to combine realism with abstraction really well. However, I can only truly assess the level of my project's success once I see how the public responds to it. I think the public will react well to my work. It's not controversial, nor is it intended to be. Those who are familiar with the National Trust should recognise the property as it's rather distinctive.


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Nathan Hill - Space and Environment

The first piece was a high detailed composition using vanishing points to achieve a realistic image in response to my primary resources in which I gathered photographs in the city of Liverpool. I chose to visit Liverpool as this city is renowned for its traditional architecture therefore I was able to gather a diverse range of photographs that showed contrast in modern and traditional buildings. My second piece was more gestural as to the structured, neat composition of my first piece. The second composition was created by selecting several photos from the visit that strongly portrayed perspective, forming one image with cut outs after aligning each of them based on the bold points that created each perspective. I had a deep interest in artists Ian Murphy and Alessia Avellino who both share different approaches to art as such as high detailed style drawings and abstract paintings. I am influenced by how Ian Murphy uses tone and line which is why I approached the drawing stage to each composition with structure so that I was achieving a realistic version of the image I was working with as his work is high detailed and accurate. Avellino on the other hand is very expressive in her approach and still seems to form an understandable version of what she is working from. As I find it difficult to paint abstractly whilst still forming a realistic composition, I added colour and ink after sketching out my image to achieve a rough finish on my pieces to prevent them from looking too neat and perfect. I sketched the composition out roughly and then shaded the darker areas of the image in with pencil first. I then added paint and ink to my piece to achieve a stronger contrast in the dark and lighter areas. One improvisation I made to this idea was when painting the piece was deciding to complete each section starting in high detail then fading it out to a more expressive style. This would separate each section making the aligned lines towards the centre more dramatic, My intentions were to portray space in my piece with this idea. The second piece contained perspective and a contrast aspect forming a basic composition of an image which consisted of traditional, listed buildings with a contemporary twist, a modern bus stop the right of the image. This was an important factor in selecting this image. I attempted to emulate Ian Murphy's style using just tone with no line seen in some of his sketchbook works, I felt the outcome was successful but the image felt flat so I decided to add colour using water which took away a harsh effect that the paint added. This enabled me to create more space in the image and understanding. I photographed them step by step at key stages helping me to assess each piece so that I could decide what to do with different materials. I anticipated issues in the development of my work by doing this, for example, my first piece in black and white I decided to add the detail contrast aspect towards the end as I felt I didn't create enough space in my composition. The same applied for the second piece when I assessed the high detailed drawing using pure tone. I felt the composition was flat therefore deciding to add colour.


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Saskia Silcock - Environment

For my final piece I created a painting of a leopard in the Colombian forest. I chose a forest somewhere that was facing deforestation at its worst. By representing the theme I made sure that my painting was a sort of an illustration by ensuring that the quality of my painting wasn't too defined or perfect that it looked real, Adding the heat gun into the situation I think really brought the message out. Whilst burning it was quite sad, the burns in the canvas really shown the damage that is being done. Bringing the canvas right back to its wooden frame in areas so that you could see it, I think was quite important to show how delicate it is, as well as asking the question why ruin a great piece of work? When researching into some of my artists, I found that I really enjoyed the work of Andreas Lie's work. When working with double exposure on Photoshop, it really inspired me to paint something like this. Bringing in that technique to painting I thought could be really fun and experimental. I also enjoyed Holly Ward Bimba's work, I wanted to incorporate her illustrations into my work. Rather than doing this I brought her love for nature and animals into it, keeping in mind her style of painting and how loosely I could work with my paint.
For techniques and processes I decided that I would work with acrylic paint and water, I found that giving my work a wash rather than just work with thick paint would give it more meaning and make it look a lot more delicate.


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Molly Jones - Personal

My ideas are personal because the people I have chosen to paint are the closest family members to me, I know the relationships between everybody inside and out which is why this piece is personal to me, I feel like people will be able to understand this concept, not straight away because it is a deeper meaning.

I developed my skills on the media by creating the 30x30 pieces these helped me a lot as I was able to experience different styles of the different artists I chose to research, this is when I realised Jenny Savile was my favourite type of style – impasto. I thought about complimentary colours as I chose to use blue and orange, similar to the works of Jenny Saville and Hope Gangloff. I used pencil to shade and build up tonal qualities, I used charcoal in my first piece to create harsh tonal areas. I achieved texture in the second piece by using a scrunched up paper towel to create it, I felt this was quite successful. These sources are referred to throughout my sketchbook and especially at the beginning.

For the final piece I struggled with creating the neck and hair successfully but I feel I achieved success with the hair and could've improved on the neck with lighter tones of brown.






Ryan McGlinchey - 'Narrative'

With this project I want to narrate life to death events using a teddy bear as the main focal point and to personify the bear.

The series of photos will show life to death and events that happen to people during their life. Through this project I will show the real life events that happens to people behind closed doors. With this Final Major Project I will create a narrative story that shows the different events of life. I would like to learn how to use the studio space and make a professional looking piece of work that I can use to promote myself. This work will give me experience which I can then use to my advantage in further projects

This is not a group project so I am responsible for everything that I do so I need to be on top of everything and make sure I focus on all the work I create and also stop myself from falling behind as there is no room for error on this project and I have to complete all the work



on my own and make sure I get it done for the deadline. I cannot rely on anyone else to get any work completed and I have to make sure everything Is completed to my best ability. The reason that I have chosen this project which is Narrative based photography is too show a cycle of life as this is an important thing that happens to everyone and everyone has lost someone so by doing this I want to show how the life cycle from Birth to death can be turned into art. I will be narrating this using objects that help to represent different times in life that people go through and different experiences that people have gone through.

The reason I want to work with this project is so that I can use the studio which is a skill I want to work on and perfect, why I am working on this final project I will make the most of my time to create images that are the best and make sure I have a full understanding of the studio and how to work everything in there so that I have the best advantage as possible for my images that I intend to create to help with the story. The main reason I want to do this project is to show a story of the life cycle in a form of art and to show that even though death is a horrible thing it happens and without death new life wouldn’t happen. So by using different objects I will be showing the circle of life with the teddy bear being the main object that will stay the same.

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Megan Walker - Cheshire Cakes

The theme that I responded to for my project was a combination of 4: Combine, Work, Behind the scenes and Documentary. I have decided to work on Food Photography showing behind the scenes work of a Cake Shop, how they design the cake, the end product and the features. I am going to combine photography and film, document short clips on how they make certain items e.g. ice the cake, and it also works because of the business that I am choosing. I want to explore the concept of food photography and how there is a wide variety of options for food photography.

My initial idea is to capture the end product of a freshly designed cake, possibly take images of the materials that cake shops use and also the intricate detail that the cake shop have to offer when creating the models for celebration cakes. I want to be able to show there USP through images.



I have designed my own live brief where I have had the oppurtunity to work with a client from a cake shop.To further explore I will use artist research and short clips to enable me to have a better understanding of what I am completing. I have gained experience in the food photography industry before when I worked along side another client Greene King.

A way to expand on this theme I have the idea to look at different cake companies to understand what each company do. I want to be able to create sets of images each week that can be added to their website. I would also like to show some images of the clients in work and also a short clip of the clients building up models/surfaces ready for the cake. From creating my FMP I would like to learn how it feels to work on your own along side a client. I want to be able to understand the techniques and what oppurtunities I could possibly have when I leave college. My future plans are to hopefully become self employed and work freelance or studio. My FMP is important because it is helping me build up confidence within my self and also showing what life has to offer after college and university
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Amy Jones - 'Self'

For my final major project I will be experimenting with Projection Art Photography with the use of a mini projector, I will be capturing my photographs within the college studio as well as in other various locations around and outside of college which are meaningful to my main subject matter and their life in general. Towards the beginning of my shoot I will be projecting different images onto my model which will consist of her childhood memories from the past, leading up to the present day. I’ve decided to base my project as a whole on my friend who is a Mormon, I initially decided that I wanted to photograph this particular person within my imagery as I felt that she was a really interesting subject to focus and by doing so I would be able document her life and show who she is as a person through my work.

As my work progresses for each of my shoots I feel that the meaning of my photographs will start to become more clear and apparent as through my imagery I plan to convey how important her religion is to her giving the viewers an inside look at her chapel and an insight into this different /unique way of life and faith, which from my perspective has helped shape her into the friendly and outgoing individual that she is today. I will be visiting a variety of different museums and exhibitions in my local area as primary research, and I plan to look at a range of different artists on the internet which will effectively relate to my chosen theme. I also hope to do a significant amount research on a few of my own interests on the internet which I will be able to tie in with my work for this final major project.

In the completion of this assignment as a whole I hope to learn new skills, techniques and experimental processes on Adobe Photoshop using Dom’s sessions to my advantage. If I am unable to use my projector within certain locations I plan to digitally manipulate a couple of my shots on Photoshop, creating a projection effect digitally. Through my work I hope to find out more about my subject matter and her faith, learning more about her as an individual in the completion of each shoot.

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Clare Bennett - 'The Hairdresser'

The title of my video is The Hairdresser, the theme that I chose to base it on is Documentary. Therefore, I would be creating a documentary video about a hairdresser and about how they got into the business.

When doing this project, I have chosen to base my project on the question Documentary. I want to be able to learn how to make a video that has a clear meaning and purpose behind it. I wanted to find out how somebody has got into becoming a hairdresser and what had influenced them to take their career further. I also wanted see how they felt about the communication skills between client and customer.

I chose this project because I wanted to be able to improve further on creating videos, which is something that I feel I am good at but that there is still room for improvement. I think that this topic is important because people will be able to gain a better understanding of how passionate someone can be about their job.

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Nathan Hughes - 'I am Legend'

The title of my project is ‘ I Am Legend ‘ I decided to name my project this because of what my designs are, in the film it is all derelict and abandoned dated buildings with overgrown wildlife, this is what I have edited my original images into, so I feel like my project name is a very good resemblance to the hit movie, therefor it makes it an ideal name for my theme.

My project objective is to expand imagination and inspire, not just for myself but for the people that look at my work, the way I have edited my images is literally the complete opposite of what it first looked like but with the same skeleton design, by this I mean the


way my edits are structured on top of the original, I want to find outwhat the limit is to creating something different and what is the best way to go around imagining things to put onto the photographs, which will also hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I chose this project because it is something I have always wanted to do, I have always been inspired by other peoples edits, and the type of theme I have chosen is based from one of my favourite movies, now I have advanced my skills with Photoshop and took the time to learn how to edit these images, I am able to actually let my imagination become a reality – My future plans are to improve further on my edits and imagination to what I can do with editing. This topic is important to me as it is something I have always wanted to achieve, now I have the skills to do that.