Summer Show 2016


Connlan O'Meara - Four Seasons

For my Final Major Project I aim to create a visual walkthrough of 4 environments presented in the theme of Low-Poly. The title of my game will be Four Seasons and its aim is to have a polished 3D environment that the player can enjoy and interact with; interaction will be at a limitation as I want my game to be a visual walkthrough of the 3D models and work I produced. The environments will be the 4 different seasons of the year, Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring, each one having its own trait to it defining the specific season the player is in. My end goal is to have increased knowledge of Low-Poly models development, environmental designing within a Games Engine and use of Cel Shading applied with models.

Starting out on Pinterest I searched Low Poly Environments and found a designer named Aldo Pulella ( - 06/03/2016) who has created very effective Low Poly environments with his unique twist to them. He created a visual holiday resort called Mammoth Falls, showing the different scenes and locations of the resort on its own island, this inspired me to create something of a similar aspect with the four seasons.
While also looking through Pinterest, Behance and Awwwards I saw some conceptual artwork for the seasons of the year and more Low Poly Environmental designs. My other ideas are the same theme however with a different take on them. My first idea was a 3D fly around in an environment focusing on Low Poly vehicles and ships in an open world, my second was a find and proceed game set in an ancient Rome harbour.

My main intentional techniques will be Low Poly 3D modelling, Cel Shading and some Texturing, however when I create my concept posters and covers I will be using Adobe Photoshop with mixed medias matching up with the theme of Environmental design.
Spacing out my timescale I will spend more time modelling than doing anything else because nearly all of my assets and environments within my game will have to be made via 3DS and I feel that I will be able to produce high quality assets and landscape designs.

I inputted the first section of my time plan for the first few week, having production in the middle giving me time to do the other necessary tasks before and after production.

My proposed method of evaluating my game will be to have multiple people play my finished product and send me back constructive critical feedback on things I can improve or things I need to tone down on; with also having a presentation explaining my game and providing a visual run through of it for my tutors and other students to evaluate give me feedback on. Within the first few weeks I will have a Group Crit involving students to hear my game idea and for them to give me feedback on ideas that I could expand with.

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Joshua Wardle - Endurance

Endurance is the name of the game concept I will be creating for my FMP. The idea is to create an environment on a distant planet in which you the survivor Chip has crash landed on whilst delivering supplies to your base of operations, whilst playing as chip you will have to survive on the planet for as long as possible as the idea will be for the user to survive as many days as they can to get there high score, then once they die they will have to start again and try and beat the previous score I will try to implement a level system where the user is able to craft new things as they level up, this level will stay the same all the way through, so the idea is to create a full working survival game or at least a full game concept piece.

I will start my FMP with research for a style and look for my game, I have been really influenced by the film Martian and the work of Jin Kim head supervisor for character design at Disney Pixar, who has done work for films such as Tangled, Big Hero 6 and Lilo & Stitch his style is very distinctive. The start like I said will be style research but then I will be moving towards creating concept art work for my game and generating ideas of how my character and environment will look.



My intended techniques and media for this project will be in the form of both digital and traditional. I will start off my FMP design ideas with some traditional concept art work with the use of ink, fine liners, Graphic Pens, coloured pencils, pencil and paintings to help gather my initial ideas. Once finishing the traditional concept art I can then move make my work more digital form with the use of Photoshop, illustrator, 3ds max, Zbrush and Unity to digitalise my game concept. I will have a set time period of just over 2 months to work and develop my game concept, I will be creating a detailed timetable where I will be able to manage and allocate different weeks to producing different areas of my game like the start will be about concept art, the middle will be about putting the ideas together, the end will be about finishing it off.

I will be creating a high standard game with high quality 3D renders and concept art to go along with it, I will be assessing this work in more ways than one, all the way through the FMP I will have allocated time periods where I will peer assess my own work and times where I will get the rest of my class members to critique my work, these assessments will help me mould and improve my FMP. Towards the end of this project I will be doing tutorials and game test of my idea to make sure that it all works and makes sense.


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Drew Barnes - Retribution

The aim of my final project is to create a concept for an expansion to the Warhammer 40’000: Dawn of War II : Retribution game and the physical miniatures game. My goal is to create a new faction for release into both the video and physical game. I plan to concept a new aesthetic exploring a variety of media and then 3D modelling and sculpting one of the designs to a high standard of detail which I then plan to 3D print and clean and if possible have another painted print to accompany the 1st model. Time permitting I will attempt to complete more models to expand the faction.


I wanted to work into a pre-existing universe I had to research the universe as a whole, I already had a lot of background knowledge due to Warhammer being a personal hobby, this meant looking at the concept artists of that universe, due to the variation in factions I am able to create my own unique aesthetic as there is no pre-existing template due to each faction being uniquely diverse. I started by looking at artists such as Jes Goodwin and John Blanche who essentially created the original concepts both use traditional line art techniques, Blanche then adding into his with an earthy palette with an emphasis on red which he names a `War Palette’, Goodwin on the other hand then takes his designs and physically sculpts them. I also researched a number of modern concept artists looking for art which would fit into my aesthetic, whilst inspiring me.

I will research what makes a faction in the universe and refine the criteria needed, after this I plan to write a short prelude so I have a clearer initial image of my design. Then I will concept using multiple medias such as ink, digital painting, graphic markers etc. then I will develop the idea into a model and design sheet with multiple variations. Once this is completed I would like to compile rules for use in the table top game. My final production piece would be to the model and sculpt the characters using the Autodesk Suites and Zbrush. Then I will 3D print the models one of which to clean and the other to paint both for display. In addition, I plan to create a video displaying my model/models. When it comes to time planning as a whole I have created a Gantt chart attached to this document.

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Jozef Tarnawski - Deadpan (Half Baked)

For my FMP, my aim is to produce a fictional world in which an unnamed character describes their experiences visiting it through a collection of artwork based off what creatures exist there. Ii will be in a diary or guide book format, of which a series of games or other forms of media can be based on. I aim to explore philosophical ideas such as defining humanity and how it’s lost, as well as trying to reach human perfection/transcendence. I’m planning on separating this world into two main sections, the city area where these beings have lost their humanity through corruption and greed, displayed through a more surreal take on human anatomy, bordering on comical designs for the citizens and how these ideas are represented in human form. The other area, the forest area, will be more based around losing humanity through being feral and wild, encompassing more traditional depictions of evil, which are physically represented through more external, drastic transformations.

The initial inspiration for my work is the idea of a fictional universe and how to make it feel real, including building lore. To help me with this, I will look into pre-existing



universes such as the Lovecraft* universe. His work has particularly inspired me in helping me understand how to leave things to the reader’s imagination, and representing beings of immense power as oppose to just showing them. As well as gaining inspiration from other work, I will also look into philosophical ideas such as sophism*, as injecting these ideas into my work can create an extra layer of horror that isn’t represented just through pictures and words.

For my materials and processes, my work will mainly be produced digitally in Photoshop to make up the bulk of the paintings, and maybe moved into illustrator to lay it out a book format neatly, as well as this I plan to use a number of modelling software’s to make one or two high poly models, probably of a creature. Early designs will include traditional methods such as pencil, graphics markers, and ink. I also aim to print my 3d Model(s).

Throughout this project I will be constantly assessing myself and evaluating my work to ensure it is at maximum possible standard, I will seek out peer and tutor advice and criticism.


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Megan Woods - Econimity

Econimity will be a time and management based game. You begin on a planet that is split up into multiple sections, at the start each is environmentally stable. The idea of the game is to monitor and control all areas of the planet so that they are all equally balanced, without letting sections deteriorate whilst spending too much time on others. This will be done by completing different tasks on the planet, also upgrading certain attributes to maintain safe levels within each section. If one section of the world becomes too advanced others will begin to deteriorate, either becoming too polluted or unsustainable.
To make equilibrium a playable feature I will work towards producing the environments in 3D using 3Ds Max. This will be the area that the character can interact with, I plan on texturing my environments with bright bold colours.
My main influence for the environment is the game Animal Crossing Wild World. It’s the style of this game that influences me the most, due to its bright colours and simple shapes and designs. This is also a game following a similar pattern to looking after your own world, being a successful game selling 11.74 million copies worldwide. There are also other games that I have looked at such as: Broforce, Super Meat Boy, and Reus. Again I have looked at these for the styles and colour schemes. I will also be looking at the artist Matt Cox, he is a 3D generalist that uses mainly flat colours, and this is something that I would like to use within my own FMP.



The main pieces of software’s that I will be using within the project are 3DS Max, and After Effects, this will to be complete the modelling and video making. I plan to learn After Effects at the end of the project as it is a new software, this is to achieve a different effect that may benefit my project. I want to make my 3D models simple so that I can focus more on the colour and concept of the game. I also plan to use hand rendered techniques in progression to colour my drawings, using materials like dyes and brusho.

Throughout my project I will evaluate my work using many different techniques such as: Taking part in self and peer assessments/reviews. Group critiques, and also game testing with evaluations to see my progress, and also reflect on some improvements and errors that I have made. These will be done throughout the project so that my work will be able to adapt and change in its most successful way. My work will also be shown in an end of year show which it will be able to be assessed by my tutors and classmates. I will also be using a Gantt chart for the timescale of my project, to review when I will be completing tasks
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Ciaran Ellison - Nomad

For my final major project I plan to create a natural island that you can explore and interact with. The island will be fully built with the assets designed too, you will be able to interact with items on the island to get to an objective. The main objective is to obtain resources that are scattered around the island, you then bring them all together to make a food, supplies and other necessities. The island will be modelled in 3DS Max and so will all the other assets that you will find on the island, it will them be implemented into Unity so you can walk around and interact with the assets. I plan to make many concepts of what the island will look like including the exterior design and also the assets.

The main source of my influence was from the film series Lord of the Rings, which came from the books beforehand. Also there are many hobbit houses that have been built by people across the world which you can see from their blogs. My initial idea is to create a floating island with a house and other structures on it,



including a garden, pond etc. Hobbiton (the hobbit filming set) in New Zealand is my main source of research as this is where the hobbit films were recorded which still have the houses there able to tour. You can see many videos on YouTube of people’s personal tours.

For the production of my project I plan to start off by creating a series of concept drawings that I will develop into a final idea. Once I have my final idea/s I will begin to model them in 3DS Max and texture them if necessary. After finally modelling the island and the assets I will them place them into Unity where I can made it fully interactive and apply the correct codes to make the objective possible. I have created a spreadsheet in excel that shows all of the time that I will spend on each individual part of the creation of my final major project. I plan to stick to these times strictly as they will help me achieve my outcome in good timing.

When it comes to my final evaluation I will have a working video tour that people will be able to watch and investigate. Based on their reviews of what the gameplay is like is how I will assess how successful my project was, I will also ask for comments on why they have assessed it this way. I will write my own review and compare it to what other people are saying, to see if there are any similarities or things I didn’t pick up myself when assessing it.

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James Collins - Thrive

Thrive will be an evolution simulator. It will be a first person management style game, in which you have to manage the progression, survival and evolution of a player made creature in a developing world. This will be done through increasing attributes and selecting characteristics for your creature, and also upgrading it with one-off evolutions. In order for Thrive to be the best game it can be, I aim to create a 3D space similar to a lab which will act as the area that the player can move round and look at the various screens that will have info about their creature on it. I would then also have to implement that within unity which would also hold all the UI for the game. In terms of production within Unity I will be creating the different things the player can evolve their creatures with and creating the AI creatures that will grow alongside yours.

My main influence for the lab environment is a game called SuperHot. It is the art style of this game that influences me the most, with it being very minimalist in colour and design, but not in content. The part that influences me the most is the use of plain white textures for all the scenery, which I intend to do for my scene. The artist responsible for the 3D models for this



game are Tomasz Artur Bolek. I will also be using Spore as inspiration for how the game mechanics could work especially to do with the evolution within the game. It is one of the few evolution simulator games I have seen, and it was very successful selling over 2 million copies in the first three weeks after release, which proves that there is a gap in the market for more games with similar concepts.

The main piece of software that I will be using will be the game engine Unity to composite the 3D assets and to programme the characteristics and attributes for the creatures within the User interfaces, along with the simple AI programming for the other creatures on the planet. However, for the 3d modelling I plan to use a piece of software called 3ds which deals better with a low poly minimalistic effect than most other softwares and I feel that if I can save some time when creating the model I will be able spend more time when programming the game within unity.

Throughout the project we will be doing many group critiques of everyone’s work to see how we could adapt and change our projects in a successful way, these will take place throughout the project. We will also be group testing at the end of production to see how the outcome has changed from the start. These group critiques will help me to improve my game and improve my FMP throughout the entire design process.


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Rhys Davies - Notorious

For my FMP my working title would be something around my chosen word ASSEMBLE. My theme is going to be an urban street racing environment with a set of customised cars you can change the looks of and come up with My outcome will be to design two or three very high 3D models to the best quality I can produce as I’m mainly wanting to focus on modelling for my FMP. The vehicle needs to be have different boys and customised fittings accordingly to the scenes within Unity. The aim of the game on unity is to have different vehicles you can choose from and design them to your liking from a range of different rides. You can unlock different parts like body, wheels and performance so you can progress and beat the opponent and beat the competition. If you win you can progress and go to the safe house menu so you can customise the car.

My influences came from something when I was little, need for speed. This was a game I grew up playing and it really caught my imagination when I was young so I thought if I could replicate and change some of the iconic cars and features. My starting points was looking at artists and looking at their work in terms of ideas, so I like vehicles, 3D models and concept art.



My intended techniques is using 3Ds Max to the best I can using the website for additional methods so I can be ethical with my knowledge. I will also use Unity 4.0 Engine as my chosen game engine. Some of the tools or coding I will need to use Unity Documentation and other forums if I need to get help with any of my coding if I need it. The Time scale is sectioned out into different weeks with a Ganch chart, with this chart I can track, update and change anything if I am either falling behind or meeting my timelines in order to finish my game and concept work within my deadline.

I can review the work I have done and asses if I’ve met the criteria and that my work is on time according to the chart. I can use the tutorials given in the space that I have free in order to get my work into a higher standard and improve my skills in my overall FMP. I will also use my tutors for a Critique to self-improve when I apply it to my work.

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Thomas Edwards - The King's Game

The theme of my final major project is "trapped". The title that I have chosen at this point in time is "Ruin". This title could be changed later on as I could find a title more fitting to the narrative once finished.

I aim to produce a small narrative consisting of a few pages that will go along with my theme and alongside the narrative. I aim to create an area from the narrative that will let the intended audience see inside the location in a 3d environment. If possible, depending on the time needed to complete both the narrative and the environment I would like to create some digital paintings for the narrative to showcase and to have my 3d environment be playable in the Oculus rift. This will be similar to the previous projects of a narrative and a closed space environment, but both projects will be blended into one.

I was influenced by games with a medieval style such as dark souls and dragon's dogma. My starting point for this work would be to research different aspects of fantasy/medieval worlds to get an understanding of different armours, weapons, creatures and locations.



My first idea was to set the narrative in a normal medieval time, but I decided to change it to a fantasy medieval time as it explains some of the characteristics of some characters. I first only intended to create a narrative for the project, but was later convinced to create the level alongside it as it makes the project more interactive for the intended audience.

The programs that I will be using in this project are Photoshop, paint tool SAI, Unity and 3ds max. Most of my work will be done digitally apart from the concepts which will be done on paper.
I intend to use some digital painting techniques to create high quality illustrations for my narrative

The first week of this project will consist of research and the initial storyboarding of my narrative. The next week will carry on with the storyboard and the start of the Actual narrative. The later weeks will consist of a mix of modelling objects and the building from my narrative and placing it into unity, and finishing the narrative digitally.
If both the unity and narrative is finished early I will then work on adding colour to the narrative and create illustrations/posters for it.
I will review my FMP based on how well I can manage my time to put a fair amount of work into each segment of my project. I would like to create detailed objects for my level in unity and to have my narrative be consistent with its art. Another means of evaluating my work will be based on how it is received by other people.


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Daniel Headspith - Natural Order

The aim of my final project is to create an animation sequences for a Cheetah which has 3 different animations. The game is a concept where you are a creature that need to evolve to be able to survive the wild as in because more challenging to survive as other things try to kill/destroy you. The end goal to the game is to see how long you can survive gaining points as you carry last longer. The end goal is to create 3 different animation sequences, this will then be displayed through animations and turns arounds on my show real. I plan to concept the stages of evolution using a variety of media. I will then go on to 3D model a Cheetah to high detail and then I will create 3 different animation sequences. I also plan to 3D print my model.

When I decided I want to do an animation process I had to research how creatures ran in stop motion. I had to research how animation effect different animals depending on their size, legs and habitat. I also looked at animations in video games which there is a massive variety of everything. I



started researching artists and Dougal Dixon stood out. He creates concepts of evolution and has 2 published books on the After Man Zoology of the future and Man after Man An anthropology of the future. Dougal Dixon wasn't the illustrator of the books but he created the concepts behind the images that had been created I used these for the anatomy for my cheetah helping me 3D model.

For my project production I would started by drawing out my Cheetah designs for my model. I would then go on to research the 3 different animation sequences that I would like to do. I then went on to create my model in 3D max. After I would cat rig my model and start to animate using the research I had for the animations. I would then make a show real showcasing all my work that I had done.

Throughout my project I will be annotating my work being critical and seeking constructive criticism off my peers. When animating I will use online tutorials to guide my through the process. I will also look at various different ways to animate to try and find the best method.

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Alicia Edwards - Spectra

The chosen theme for my project is "exploration". From here, I started to piece together my initial ideas .
I aim to produce a huge scale digital painting consisting of high detail and quality. Within this digital painting, will be psychedelic other-worldly features such as huge planets and colourful pyramids. Alongside this digital painting, I intend to build a 3D environment of which displays my illustrations within a virtual space, allowing the audience to interact with the visuals in front of them. For the visuals and interactive features, I will us 3Ds Max to produce them. All of the textures will be created by myself, including possible patterns on the planets and pyramids. I want people to express different opinions for the purpose behind the art, as my own opinions and feelings could be totally different from another person's. This will allow for less restrictions when it comes to the art I am aiming for.

An influence for my work is the artist, James White.  His NeoWave series contains an art style similar to my own.  From this I will develop my own style, incorporating his techniques to further my own.  He creates vast and bright environments using Photoshop and Illustrator.  They feature desert scenes, with alien like designs incorporated such as the floating pyramid shapes and gem like stones. His work allows people to evoke different emotions and opinions, a personal goal of my own.



For the most of this project, I will be using Photoshop. This is to create the digital painting on a large scale.  Alongside this I will be using 3Ds max as mentioned before, and also Unity to store the world.  For the art side of this, I aim to use materials such as Brusho, to advance the colours and the amount of various techniques used. With this in mind, I can scan in the colours created with the Brusho, to create backgrounds and textures.

Throughout my pursuit of my FMP, my work will be evaluated using other opinions.  These will become available through the group critiques we will all take part in.  The use of peer assessment will help to develop and further my work, taking out or adding in advice and ideas given. A gantt chart will be filled out and amended throughout the project, of which I can check off boxes and use the time given effectively. Finally, my work will be displayed in the end of year show, where others can experience my world.  This will be assessed by the tutors.