"Metamorphosis - The History of the Future" at the Pyramid

After their initial introduction to the wide range of media, doing workshops in drawing, painting, illustration, ceramics, surface pattern design and textiles students have progressed on to their first major coursework project on the course. We wanted the project to be ambitious and independent.

Students have spent 6 weeks working on their art outcomes, making their individual canvases responding to the theme of changes in culture over time, and how today's attitudes will affect the future. They created a series of collages, referencing artist's use of visual language, to tell a story. The outcomes are really personal and imaginative response to the brief.
They also spent 6 weeks in textiles, working in small groups to explore the theme of metamorphosis in nature. Following initial research into a specific creature or concept, they developed their ideas using a range of specialist textile techniques. The brief required students to use an existing garment, which they would then transform or 'metamorphosise' into the creative outcomes seen here.